Retro Gamer #26

Yesterday I’ve got the newest edition of Retro Gamer #26. I haven’t read much yet, but… Here’s some of the highlights: Back to the 80′s Sonic Team Sonic The Hedgehog – 15th anniversary The Making of… Internation Karate and IK+ The Making of… Pinball Dreams Atari Jaguar … and a lot of other interesting readings.

Xbox360: MS Support

Today I got the box from MS Support, and I have now sendt my broken 360 to them. Then I have to wait a couple of weeks befor I get it back. In the meantime I will watch the World Cup on TV and play Zelda on my GameCube.

Xbox360: My gamertag

This is probably not very interesting to you, but here’s my gamertag:

Xbox360: The Red Ring of Death

Well, it’s my time to get the “Red Ring of Death”. I have had some freeze ups on my Xbox 360, but it have only happened from time to time. Not like this weekend. I played Burnout as usual when the 360 froze. I was around the 800th place, and when I turned my Xbox [...]

Looking back: Italia’90 (MasterSystem & MegaDrive/Genesis)

Next week the World Cup in football starts in Germany, and I’m looking forward to see it. And when it’s a World Cup, there’s a new football games for the consoles. Today this games are very realistic and you can actually see which player you are using. That was not the case 16 years ago. [...]