Fake PayPal e-mail

I¬†use¬†PayPal¬†when I buy and sell stuff on eBay. And from time to time I get spoof mails telling med that I need to update the information or what ever. By time, I’ve learned how to find out if an e-mail is fake or not. Some I’ve got, looks very real, but most of them is [...]

Review: Texas Hold ‘em (Xbox360 – Live Arcade)

The first thing I did this mornig, was to download the Texas Hold ‘em as it’s only free for two days. So you can’t get better value for money than this. I’ve never played any form of poker because it looked to complicated. But this morning I read through the How to Play and tried [...]

Retro Gamer #28

A new issue of Retro Gamer came in the mail yesterday and it looks like a very good issue. Here are some of the highlights: Developer Lookback: Lucasarts (part two) The Making Of… StarFox 3DO – Interactive Multiplayer The Making Of… Breakout Company Profile: Core Design You also have a couple of big articles + [...]

Review: StreetFighter II (Xbox Arcade)

OK, so I’ve been playing StreetFighter II for a week now. I like the game, but it frustrating hard. In the beginning I didn’t won any matches, but then I reconfigurated the buttons and I finaly started to win some. SFII came to the arcades in 1992 and was a hit. I’ve never played the [...]

Review: Datel’s Transfer Kit

I was ordering a memory card in early june, then my Xbox 360 broke all my save data was lost. The memory card came some days later. And then I decideed to order Datels Transfer Kit from Play-Asia. The Transfer Kit does what it’s made for, back up your memory card. It’s as easy as [...]