Xbox Live down for maintenance

So and Xbox Live is down for maintenance. What does this mean? Just that you can’t use the website or play with your Xbox online. Micrsoft says that it’s not the dashboard update, so we realy don’t no what will be fix. They say it’s good thou. The downtime is 24 hours.

Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

A couple of days ago, I got Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney from Play-Asia. The game was released a year ago in Japan and Europe got it this March. The game I bought is the Japanese version called Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Gyakuten. Strange since I don’t speak or read Japanese. The beauty part is that you can choose between Japanese or English text. More puplisher should do that, thanks Capcom.

You play as Phoenix Wright who recently became an attorney. So you pretty fresh in the game. This is basicly a text adventure with manga graphics. Simple, but very effectfull. It brings back memories from the point-’n-click games on the PC.

The game have 5 cases. The first one is fearly short and simpel, but it shows how the game work. On the second and the following cases, there is much more to do. First you have a crimescene where you collect evidence. The evidence leads to some people or other places to see. The game is very linear, so you only go to court when all the evidences is collected. When in court, you will defend you client innocents. You can present the evidence for the witnesses to get the hole truth. And if you good, you win.

This is actually the fourth game in the Gyakuten Saiban series. The first three was released on Game Boy Advance, but only in Japan. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is the first to be released in the West. On October 26th, the second game on DS is released in Japan and it’s called Gyakuten Saiban 2. The game will be released in the US and Europe next year under the name Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All. You can allready pre-order the Japanese version from Play-Asia at only $29.99 and it have English text. I’ve preorder and can’t wait. In the meantime, I will finish the first game.

(You can also get the game at

Retro Gamer #30

A new edtion of Retro Gamer has arrived, this time no. 30. This issue have some interesting articles:

  • Retroinspection: Commodore 64
  • The Making of… Exile
  • The Classic Game: Spy vs Spy
  • The Making of… It Came From the Desert
  • Company Profile: Tec Toy (Sega in Brazil)
  • The Classic Game: 3D Monster Maze

… among others. As always, I’m looking forward to read the issue.

"Springclean" on my PC

Over time your PC will get slower and you will have a lot of rubish on it that you don’t use. So what do you do?

The easiest way is to buy a new harddrive, and I have done that too. But the best way is to install Windows again. It’s two years since I did it, and my PC is real slow. It take 5 minutes to for it to start and another 2 before I can do any usefull thing with it. So the last 10-12 hours I’ve been copying things I wanted to save and reorganized things on my other harddrives. I think I’ve moved around 150-200 GB. And Windows is installed on a newly formated harddrive. It now starts in about 1 minute and I feel great.

I do a bit video, so I’ve got 4 harddrives wit a total cappacity of around 760 GB. That’s a lot, but I think a lot of you knows that you do use the space you have. I will try to have a system.

Xbox 360: New demos

This week I’ve been playing both Sonic the Hedgehog and Need For Speed: Carbon demos. So, Sonic first. I think the game was hard to controll. When you jump and aim, it’s easy to loose controll because of the speed. It’s also hard to jump from platform to platform and a lot of times you fall of the edge. Too, bad. The game can be good, but the demo was average.

NFS: Carbon was a demo I’ve been waiting for. The demo have three races: Curcuit Race, Drift Race and Canyon Race. You have to win the two first to get Canyon Race. The Drift Race can be very hard, but if you get it, it’s real fun. The controll on the Curcuit and Canyon is very good and it’s easy to drive. The demo is great and from what I’ve read, the multiplayer is going to be real good. Nice gfx on standard-def TV (I don’t have HDTV yet). The game is released in Europe on November 3rd (October 31th in the US).

I tried to get some Sonic pictures to, but my TV-card didn’t accept PAL-60 signal which you have to play Sonic in, so… I have now managed to get some screenshots from the Sonic demo.

Total region lock on the Wii

We know that Wii games will be region locked. In my opinion that’s a shame. So today we learned that Nintendo UK have confirmed to Eurogamer that the region lock will also apply to GameCube and Virtual Console games.

I don’t see the reason for doing this. I can see from a business point of view that Nintendo will have controll over when and where a game is released. But from my point of view, if I buy the game in Norway or import it from US or Japan, Nintendo will get my money in any case. And another point, the average gamer do not import games, they buy it from their local store. The more hardcore gamer import games to get it first – there is often a delay in the release schedule around the globe – or to get a game that is only released in one region.

I don’t like that the Virtual Console games also are region locked. This mean that Europe only get the European version of the NES, SNES and N64 games, US and Japan get their respective versions. Each region have games that is not released in other regions, so we can’t play each others versions. As an example is the original Super Mario Bros. 2 which was only released in Japan, where US and Europe got a silly version – a completly different game. Personaly I hope they release Super Mario All Stars.

GameCube wise, there are solutions. With Freeloader by Datel (which you can get from Lik-Sang or Play-Asia) you can play imported games on your GameCube (I do and it works great). This will probably work on the Wii too, but I will test it when the Wii comes out. [Updated 13 January 2007] There is now a new version of the Freelaoder that will play imported GameCube games on Wii. You can get it from Play-Asia.

Xbox 360 – Got it back, again!

On Friday I’ve recived my new Xbox 360, for the fourth time. I hope this one will last for ever. But since I’ve got so many broken 360, I’m getting a bit sceptical. I’m nervous when I put the power supply into the socket and turn on the 360. I don’t want to see those red rings again. I think I’ve got my share of it.

But for two now, it has worked fine and probably will well into the future. This time Microsoft was realy fast. I’ve call last Tuesday, the 19th, and got a replacement Friday, 29th, the following week. Good work.