Nintendo Wii launched in Europe

At last, Wii is here. But if you havent pre-ordered, you probably find it hard to get hold of one. It’s pretty much sold out all over Europe. Nintendo have promissed one or two new shipments before Christmas.

I’ve pre-ordered the Wii in mid-October but haven’t got it yet. The company I ordered it from haven’t got everything yet, so it’s on hold. But I think it will ship on Monday. At least I will get one.

I got a Classic Controller and a Nunchuck from Play-Asia earlier this week. And I have to say that the Nunchuck and the Classic Controller feels very comfortable in the hands.

Retro Gamer #32

A new edition of Retro Gamer is now in your mailbox or local news shop. Issue 32 have some of the following articles:

  • The Making of… Prince of Persia
  • The evolution of Football management
  • The Classic Game: Super Mario Land
  • Retroinspection: Philips CD-i
  • The complete lowdown to Phantasy Star Online
  • The Making of… The way of the exploding fist
  • The definitive Galaxian

Go to for more information of how the get the latest issue.

One week left

December 1. and one week until we in Europe get Nintendo Wii. I’m looking forward to that. Almost all my extra controller are on its way to me. Play-Asia confirmed today that all accessories will work fine on all Wii. You can can buy Japanese version of the controllers and use them on US and European Wii’s and the other way around. But games are region locked, and so are the Wii point.

I’ve bought the 5000 Wii point card + Classic Controller, but it looks like I have to sell the Wii point card on eBay to some lucky Japanese. It’s not a big loss, since the Classic Controller in Norway cost about $12 less than the Japanese Wii point + CC deal ($59.90). And I guess I will sell the Wii point card on eBay for more than $12. You see, the Classic Controller in Norway cost (299 NOK) $47, in US only $19.90.

I’ve seen one Wii comercial in this weeks Donald Duck magazine.