Burnout™ Paradise this winter

Burnout 5 have been in development for Xbox 360 and PS3 for a while. I thought it would be released this spring, but we have to wait some more months. Probably not a bad thing, since the game looking very good. Burnout 5 have change name to Burnout Paradise and will come this winter. You [...]

Xbox 360: How to migrate your 20 GB HDD to 120 GB HDD

Major Nelson have uploaded a video of how the migration works for the new 120 GB HDD and Elite. (Source: MajorNelson.com) Video: Xbox 360 120 GB and Elite Migration

Most used passwords

Security is becoming more and more important. Everyday you use passwords to log onto you e-mail account, MySpace, Google, eBay, Facebook and every other place that need a password. But what is a good password? Use big and small letters, numbers and signs. Here’s a list with the most common and not so good passwards, [...]

Wii Virtual Console – new games (PAL), Friday April 27th 2007

This is the new games we in Europe can download on Virtual Console today: Mighty Bomb JackNES – 1992 by Tecmo – 500 points “The great King Pamera, his Queen and the fair Princess have been kidnapped by the evil demon Belzebut and imprisoned in his cursed pyramid. Jack’s elder brother braved the pyramid to [...]

Retro Gamer #37

I got the lastest issue of Retro Gamer #37 today. And this is what it has to offer: Back to the Eighties – The Latest News From May 1983 Retroinspection: Dragon 32 The Making of… Pitfall II: Lost Caverns The Making of… Jet Set Willy Online Developer Lookback: Melbourn House (part 2) The Making of… [...]

ZX Spectrum turning 25

It’s now 25 years since ZX Spectrum was released. The ZX Spectrum was launch in UK on 23 April 1982 and it retailed at ÂŁ125 for the 16 kB RAM version at ÂŁ175 for the 48 kB version. It was later released wit 128 kB RAM and you can find it in different versions. The [...]

PSP: Small firmware update – v3.40

A new firmware update for Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) was released on April 19th. It’s a small update. The new v3.40 firmware update is: Support for PLAYSTATION®Network titles has been expanded. Saved data from PlayStation® format software can now be used on both PSP® and PS3™ systems. [Certificate Utility] was deleted.Information that was displayed in [...]