Virtual Console – Europe – Friday, July 6

Europe got four new VC games to download on their Wii.

Dragon Spirit
Turbografx – 1989 by NBGI – shooter – 1 player – 600 points

A fantastic world adventure undfolds in this vertical-scrolling shooter. Sealed away by the gods long ago, the Evil Demon of Darkness, Zawell, seeks to rise again and unleash a new reign of veil. The brave warrior Amur returns and takes the form of the legendary Blue Dragon. Fighting his way through the legions of monsters that await in the sky. Amur races to rescue Princess Alicia from the demon’s wretech clutches.

Battle your way through 8 different areas, using your Dragon Breath to bring down airborne targets and Fireballs to wipe out targets on the ground. Destroy Flashing enemies and smash Eggs to uncover different kinds of Power-up items. Boost you firepower by increasing the number of heads your dragon has, and defeat all the bosses as you make your way to Zawell’s dark lair.

Ecco: The Tides of Time
Mega Drive – 1994 by Sega – adventure – 1 player – 800 points

It turned out that the Vrtex Queen was far from vanquished, and had in fact followed Ecco to Earth to build a new hive for herself. When Ecco used the time machine to save his pod, he split the stream of time in two. Ecoo must now restore the rift before the alternate future of a dead, mechanical world, sucked dry by the Vortex, becomes a reality!

It’s up to Ecco to once again navigate the depths and heights of his world to meet up with marine lige, solve puzzles and take on th alien threat!

Golden Axe II
Mega Drive – 1991 by Sega – action/adventure – 1-2 players – 800 points

Not long after the malign reign of Death Adder has ended, another evil rises. The peace of the land has again been threatened, this time by Dark Guld, who was supposed to have been imprisoned but is back in full force. He has gotten his hands on the Golden Axe, using it for his own evil purposes, and his minions are causing much chaos throughout the land.

So once more, Ax-Battler, the fierce babarian, Tyris-Flare, the fearless Amazon and Gilius Thunderhead, the ferocious dwarf must rise up to deal with this oppression with their might and magic, and recover the Golden Axe. Now, it’s up to you to stop Dark Guld and his minions and restore peace to the land!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Mega Drive – 1992 by Sega – platformer – 1-2 players – 800 points

Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik) is searching for the Chaos Emeralds to fuel his new Death Egg engine. One afternoon, he launches a full-scale attack on the island where the Chaos Emeralds are buried, imprisoning all of the helpless animals living there and turning the into mindless worker drones.

Fortunately, Sonic is determined to thwart the Doctor’s plan at all cost. This time he isn’t alone, as Tails decides to aid him in the battle. Togheter they must locate the Chaos Emeralds before Dr. Eggman does, and put an end to his diabolical scheme!

Xbox 360 warranty extended to three years

Mircosoft announced today that they are extending the Xbox 360 warranty to three years. This apply to all Xbox 360, including those bought at launch.

Major Nelson have also released a new podcast with interview with Peter More.

Here is Peter Moore’s open letter to the commuity:

Open Letter From Peter Moore

To our Xbox Community:
You’ve spoken, and we’ve heard you. Good service and a good customer experience are areas of the business that we care deeply about. And frankly, we’ve not been doing a good enough job.
Some of you have expressed frustration with the customer experiences you have had with Xbox 360; frustration with having to return your console for service after receiving the general hardware error message on the console.

The majority of customers who own Xbox 360 consoles have had a terrific experience from their first day, and continue to, day in and day out. But when anyone questions the reliability of our product, or our commitment to our customers, it’s something I take very seriously.
We have been following this issue closely, and with on-going testing have identified several factors that can cause a general hardware failure indicated by three flashing red lights on the console. To address this issue, and as part of our ongoing work, we have already made certain improvements to the console.

We are also implementing some important policy changes intended to keep you in the game, worry-free.

As of today, all Xbox 360 consoles are covered by an enhanced warranty program to address specifically the general hardware failures indicated by the three flashing red lights on the console. This applies to new and previously-sold consoles. While we will still have a general one year console warranty (two years in some countries), we are announcing today a three-year warranty that covers any console that displays a three flashing red lights error message. If a customer has an issue indicated by the three flashing red lights, Microsoft will repair the console free of charge—including shipping—for three years from the console’s purchase date. We will also retroactively reimburse any of you who paid for repairs related to problems indicated by this error message in the past. In doing so, Microsoft stands behind its products and takes responsibility to ensure that every Xbox 360 console owner continues to have a fantastic gaming experience.

If we have let any of you down in the experience you have had with your Xbox 360, we sincerely apologize. We are taking responsibility and are making these changes to ensure that every Xbox 360 owner continues to have a great experience.

This will take a few days to roll out globally, and I appreciate your continued patience as we launch this program. I’ve posted an FAQ that should address some additional questions, and we’ll update it over the next few days.

I want to thank you, on behalf of all us at Microsoft, for your loyalty. Summer Smoothie: 20% off ALL in-stock items now have 20% off all in-stock items. The offer ends Thursday, July 12th 2007 and apply to all in-stock products, but not products released the last 30 days or items that are on pre-order.

Here’s pressrelease:
Did everyone enjoy the Lucky Summer Sale? Well gather round, because we’re very happy to announce another special promotion for our customers. Play-Asia’s Summer Smoothie is here to quench your entertainment thirst, plus it tastes great too! From now until Friday, July 12th, the Summer Smoothie promotion will commence with massive savings on all items for our regular and new customers alike.
Take a sip of Play-Asia’s Summer Smoothie! All “in-stock” items have now been reduced by a stunning 20%. That’s thousands of great reasons for you to grab one or more items and save plenty of cash in the process.
Looks good, tastes great! Don’t forget, this offer is strictly limited until July 12th and only applies to products that are presently “in-stock” at Play-Asia. In other words, some offers will expire quickly, while others will be added during stock arrival on every single day. Get in quickly to avoid disappointment!
Mmmmm, smoothie. Don’t waste any time, browse as fast as you can and save on some of the best deals you can find online.

So, happy shopping.

Jump Ultimate Stars only US$ 29.90 at Play-Asia

This week you can get Jump Ultimate Stars from for only US$ 29.90. This is a game that gets imported a lot since it’s only released in Japan. The game should be easy to navigate, and if you have problem, there are guides on the internet that will help you ( is one place to look). This is a one week offer only and end Tuesday June 10th, Hong Kong time.

Play-Asia’s description of the game:

Jump Ultimate Stars is the sequel to one of the best selling games of 2005, Jump Super Stars. It is the second collaboration between Nintendo of Japan and Jump magazine, this time incorporating 300 characters from 40 Shonen Jump properties.
The “Koma” battle system will still be used in this sequel with the original 4-by-5 grid and touch screen support. However a number of improvements have been made, including calling support characters into battle via L/R button, without using the touchpad. Characters can now cling on to ledges when falling adjacent to them and some of the stages include areas that can be reached by destroying walls, even the floor and ceiling.
As another major improvement, Jump Ultimate Stars now supports Wi-Fi battles, which allows gamers all around the world to combat against each other.

E3 Bringing it Home 2007

At last years E3, Microsoft introduced Bring it Home. They will give Xbox 360 owners (and web-readers) the same treatment this year:

Here’s the pressrelease from Gamerscore Blog:

For the second year running, fans around the world thirsting for a sneak preview of the Xbox 360™ holiday games and entertainment lineup can get together with friends to experience the E3 Media & Business Summit (E3) — the biggest video game industry event of the year — in high definition from the comfort of their own homes.

From Tuesday, July 10, through Friday, July 13, Microsoft Corp. is bringing E3 home to owners of the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system through its second annual E3: Bringing It Home, which offers downloads on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace of the hottest content from the show.

Connect to the Xbox LIVE online entertainment network and bring everyone together in the living room to enjoy the E3 experience with E3: Bringing It Home.

Xbox 360 owners will be able to download high-definition content direct from the show including the following:

  • Microsoft’s E3 2007 press conference — beginning at 8:30 p.m. PDT on Tuesday, July 10 — will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in high definition later in the week
  • Video updates direct from the show
  • A selection of game trailers, themes, gamer pictures and demos will be available from the hottest E3 titles such as these:
    • “Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation” (NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc.)
    • “Assassin’s Creed” (Ubisoft)
    • “BioShock” (2K)
    • “Blue Dragon” (Microsoft Game Studios)
    • “Burnout Paradise” (Electronic Arts Inc.)
    • “CALL OF DUTY® 4: MODERN WARFARE™” (Activision)
    • “FIFA Soccer 08” (Electronic Arts)
    • “Guitar Hero III” (Activision/RedOctane)
    • “Lost Odyssey™” (Microsoft Game Studios)
    • “Madden NFL 08” (Electronic Arts)
    • “NCAA Football 08” (Electronic Arts)
    • “Need for Speed: ProStreet” (Electronic Arts)
    • “Project Gotham Racing® 4” (Microsoft Game Studios)
    • “The Simpsons Game” (Electronic Arts)
    • “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08” (Electronic Arts)
    • “WWE® SmackDown® vs. Raw® 2008” (THQ)

In addition to all this content, there will be many surprises, so fans should stay tuned to the Xbox LIVE calendar ( for updates about what E3: Bringing It Home content will be available during the show.