Wii: Mii Contest Channel updated

Mii Contest Channel for the Wii got an update today. In a mail from Nintendo I received on the Wii today it says: Nintendo would like to inform you that an updated version of the Mii Contest Channel is available. Included in this update are new features such as the ability to call all your [...]

PSP: Firmware update – v3.90

Sonys PSP got a new firmware update today. The new version is v3.90. Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded. [Skype] has been added as a feature under [Network]. Compatible models: PSP-2001, PSP-2002, PSP-2003, PSP-2004, PSP-2005, PSP-2006, PSP-2007, PSP-2008, PSP-2010 Also added is GO! Messenger under [Network]. This application is not available for download [...]

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) makes popular series available DRM-free via BitTorrent

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) are testing new ways to reach their audience with their content. Almost all selfproduced programs like the news, entertainment shows and series are available for streaming online. But this week they started to test out torrent download. The first show is Nordkalotten 365 with Lars Monsen which have traveled alone through the [...]

Xbox 360: Rez HD and Chessmaster® LIVE this week on XBLA

This week, Wednesday January 30, 2008, we get Rez HD and Chessmaster LIVE on Xbox Live Arcade. Both games will set you back 800 point each. Rez HD Set in a cyberworld, the legendary fast-paced action-shooter Rez HD, created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, will provide the ultimate audiovisual experience as the player targets the enemies and [...]

Amazon.com: HD DVD and Blu-ray bestsellers

Here’s the topseller list on Amazon.com for HD DVD and Blu-ray movies as of Sunday January 27, 2008. Top 10 HD DVD Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series – $66.95 American Gangster (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD) – $27.95 Blade Runner (5-Disc Complete Collector’s Edition) – $27.95 Beowulf (Director’s Cut) – $27.95 Transformers [...]

Wii: Master System games are coming to Virtual Console

Sega has announced that Master System games are coming to Virtual Console in Japan in February. Europe and US will probably get it later this year. This means that also Game Gear games may surface on VC since the hardware is very similar to the Master System. Master System is known as Mark III in [...]

Lost: Via Domus game trailer

Here’s a game trailer of the upcoming game Lost: Via Domus based on the LOST TV-series. The video is taken from Gametrailers.com.