DVD/Blu-ray: Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete First Season

I’m looking forward to the Blu-ray release of Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Complete First Season which is now available for pre-order from Amazon.com.

Here’s a quot from the pressrelease:

BURBANK, CA (May 19, 2008) – The popular Terminator franchise has added a new and exciting chapter with the critically acclaimed TV series that has Sarah Connor running for her life…and for the future of all mankind. The ultimate tale of man-vs.-machine, Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season will be released on DVD and Blu-ray™ hi-def from Warner Home Video on August 19, 2008. Fans can own the three-disc set containing all nine one-hour episodes from season one just in time for the premiere of season two on FOX. The adrenaline-pumping DVD collection also includes amazing never-before-seen special features including a featurette with cast and crew, gag reel, commentaries, and “Terminated Scenes”. The series stars Lena Headey (300), Summer Glau (“The 4400“, “The Unit“, “Firefly“), Thomas Dekker (“Heroes“), and Richard T. Jones (Vantage Point, “Judging Amy“) and is priced to own at on DVD at $29.98 SRP, and $39.99 for Blu-ray™ hi-def .

Since this is a Warner release, it’s almost safe to say that the Blu-ray version will be region free (since all their releases are), so I have already pre-ordered the Blu-ray disc-set.

Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Complete First Season DVD Special Features Include [I will guess that the same goes for the Blu-ray version]:

  • “Creating the Chronicles” featurette – an all-encompassing look at the production process involved with every aspect of bringing Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to television.
  • Commentaries – includes executive producers Josh Freidman & John Wirth, cast members Summer Glau & Thomas Dekker, and more.
  • Terminated Scenes (i.e. deleted scenes)
  • Gag Reel
  • Cast Audition Tapes – includes Lena Headey, Thomas Dekker, and Richard T. Jones
  • Storyboard Animatic – featuring the storyboard sequence of the school session where Cromartie attacks and John narrowly escapes
  • Summer Glau Dance Rehearsal
  • Extended Director’s Cut of Episode The Demon Hand

Retro Gamer #51

Issue 51 of Retro Gamer came out this week, and this is what you can read:

  • Back to the Eighties – July 1984
  • Back to the Nineties – October 1990
  • The History of Zelda
  • The Making of… Contra
  • The Making of… Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  • The Classic Game – Dun Darach
  • The Making of… Stellar 7
  • Retroinspection – PC-Engine GT
  • The Making of … R-Type
  • Why You Must Play… Heroquest
  • The Making of… Crystal Castle
  • Retro Shamer – Pit-Fighter
  • The Making of… Choplifter

Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday May 23th, 2008

This week (Friday May 23th), we only get one Virtual Console game in Europe. But on the other side, the WiiWare was launched earlier this week with six new games, so I can’t complain.

Commodore 64 – 1985 – Commodore Gaming – action – 1 player – 500 points – age 3+

The droid crew of a galactic space freighter have turned against their masters and eradicated every human crew member!

A prototype droid named “Influence Device” has been beamed abroard the ship to help you regain control of the situation. Use the Influence device to destroy the droids by shooting or ramming them.

Take temporary control of an enemy droid’s ircuitry to use its energy and armaments against its own kind. Your aim: eliminate all droids on each of the space freighter’s 16 decks!

Xbox 360: No Spring Update

Major Nelson posted a link on his blog yesterday to an interview with Marc Whitten on Next-gen.biz about the Dahsboard update. Well there won’t be a Spring Update to Xbox 360 this year.

In the interview, Marc Whitten said:

We have taken a different approach this spring and spent a lot of our time and resources of building the proper infrastructure and scale for the service not just today but also into the future. So while most users will not notice any significant changes to the dashboard this spring, I can tell you that the team will be releasing a new digital rights management (DRM) tool next month that will allow you to better consolidate your licenses for downloaded content to a single Xbox and allow you the freedom to be able to play your content both online and offline.

This also came out of the interview:

  • A DRM tool is coming next month
  • Xbox Live Arcade game filesize increase from 150MB to 350MB
  • New price point for XBLA games: 1600 points
  • De-listing XBLA games that do not sell well

If you take a look at MajorNelson.com, you’ll see that this post have made quite som buzz on his site. As I write this, 444 have commented on his blog. I’ve read a lot of the comments. It all comes down to this: Most people think it’s a bad move not to have a Spring Update, they don’t like that XBLA will be de-listed. But all agrees that it’s great that Microsoft does something about the DRM.

I agree with them all. Microsoft have to do some real good in the Fall Update to make gamers happy. To not have a Spring Update, is a bad move. They could have said this at an earlier stage, since most of us was expecting the update at this time.

I realy like that they fix the DRM problems. I have had a few Xbox 360’s because of the RRoD, so I have to be logged in to Live to play some of my XBLA games. This was also one of the reason I got my second controller so my sisters could play the full version of Arcade game, I had to be logged on to Live.

I look forward to Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) next podcast, because I thing this issue will be a big part of it.