The new DSi announced

Today, Thursday October 2nd, Nintendo announced on a press conference (Fall Summit) in Japan, the new DSi. The new DSi will be 12% thinner than the DS Lite. The GBA slot is removed, it will have two cameras (one VGA), the screen is 3.25 inch (about 17% bigger than on the DS). The DSi will have a SD card slot for storage, a built-in browser (I read somewhere that it was Opera). You will be able to download DSiWare at 200, 500 or 800 Nintendo points (GBP 1.70 / 4.25 / 6.80).

The Nintendo DSi will be out in Japan on November 1st, 2008. And it will probably hit Europe some time in the Spring 2009. It will cost around ¥189,000 (approx. US $178) and the DSi will come in Black and White.


Official DSi page

DSi details, taken from

  • Two 3.25-inch screens – 17% bigger than the DS Lite model.
  • One 3-megapixel camera, maximum resolution 640×480 (photos editable using stylus).
  • No GBA support…
  • … replaced by an SD slot!
  • Overall 12% thinner than the DS Lite.
  • Opera web browser now built-in as part of the firmware.
  • Downloadable games, known as DSiWare (storable on SD)
  • Some DSiWare free, others will cost 200/500/800 Points, with 1000 initially free to all.
  • Improved audio capabilities – pitch and playback options added.
  • Releasing in black and white “flavours”.

Xbox 360: Mega Man 9 on XBLA

War World was already announced to hit Xbox Live Arcade this week, October 1st, but as it happened, so did Mega Man 9. A brand new Mega Man game made in good old Nintendo (aka NES) 8-bit sound & graphics style. The game is also available on WiiWare and Playstation Network. The game will cost you 800 points.

Mega Man™ 9

The original 2-D classic Mega Man returns in Mega Man 9 for Xbox LIVE® Arcade! This latest Mega Man title brings the series back to its old-school roots with retro action platforming gameplay and classic 8-bit graphics and sound. Relive the Mega Man experience with classically inspired bosses, each with their own unique weapons and weaknesses.

Set after the events of Mega Man 8, multiple riots have sprung up all over the world. While many people suspect that this is another plot from Dr. Wily, Dr. Light is stunned to recognize that some of the robots rioting on the TV screen are his own creations. Even more stunning, Dr. Wily appears on television to proclaim that Dr. Light is the evil mastermind behind these latest catastrophic incidents and it’s up to Mega Man to clear his creator’s name!

  • Classic Mega Man: The fun and addictive Mega Man graphics and gameplay are focused around defeating bosses and acquiring a diverse arsenal of weapons.
  • Challenging stages: With more than a dozen challenging levels to tackle and more than 50 new enemy and bosses to battle, you’ll need to be at the top of your game.
  • Acclaimed developer: The character designs were directed by Keiji Inafune, the original character designer of Mega Man.
  • Online extras: With the Xbox LIVE leaderboard ranking system, track your score and time with other Mega Man 9 players. Plus, look for downloadable content in the future! Top 10 DVD/Blu-ray/HD DVD


It’s October 1st and here is the Top Ten seller in DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD movies on, as of October 1st, 2008. The list on Amazon is updated every hour.

Top 10 DVD (can also include Blu-ray)

  1. Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition) [Blu-ray]
  2. Iron Man (Single-Disc Edition)
  3. Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Collectors’ Edition)
  4. Sex and the City – The Movie (Special Edition)
  5. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Three-Disc Unrated Collector’s Edition)
  6. Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition) (pre-order, October 7)
  7. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Two-Disc Special Edition) (pre-order, October 14)
  8. The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration Giftset (The Godfather / The Godfather Part II / The Godfather Part III) [Blu-ray]
  9. Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray] + Digital Copy (pre-order, November 19)
  10. Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

Top 10 Blu-ray

  1. Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition)
  2. The Godfather – The Coppola Restoration Giftset (The Godfather / The Godfather Part II / The Godfather Part III)
  3. Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition) [Blu-ray] + Digital Copy (pre-order, November 19)
  4. Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition)
  5. Incredible Hulk (pre-order, October 21)
  6. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Two-Disc Special Edition) (pre-order, October 14)
  7. Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition – plus a Bonus DVD of the movie) (pre-order, October 7)
  8. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  9. Ultimate Unrated Comedy Collection (Forgetting Sarah Marshall / Knocked Up / The 40-Year-Old Virgin)
  10. When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions (4-Disc Set)

Top 10 HD DVD

  1. Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series
  2. Harry Potter Years 1-5 Limited Edition Gift Set
  3. I Am Legend (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD)
  4. Batman Begins
  5. Star Trek: The Original Series – Season One Remastered
  6. The Complete Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix/ The Matrix Reloaded/ The Matrix Revolutions)
  7. Galapagos
  8. Casablanca
  9. Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition)
  10. Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines