Wii: WiiWare – Europe – Friday October 24, 2008

There was three new WiiWare titles to download on Nintendo Wii in Europe this week, on Friday October 24, 2008.

Home Sweet Home
WiiWare – 24/10/2008 – Big Blue Bubble – interior design/puzzle – 1 player – 1000 points – age 3+

Picture this scene…

You move into your new home and every room is perfect. Every rom, except one. Here is the blank canvas for your vision but you lack the know-how.

Who do you call? The Home Sweet Home team!

Home Sweet Home will give you the change to unleadh your hidden talents as an Interior Designer. You choose the furniture, patterns, and color to create a masterpiece  that will blow your client away.

with simple controls, a fun graphical style, and an easy to use interface, Home Sweet Home allows you to nurture your creative side. Remember, a house is not a home until it is a Home Sweet Home!

Tetris Party
WiiWare – 24/10/2008 – Tetris Online – puzzle – 1-6 players – 1200 points – age 3+

Tetris Party is a deceptively simple, totally addactive puzzle game that is sure to keep you and all of your friends and family entertained for hours on end. The WiiWare game features never-before-seen single-player and ultiplayer variations of Tetris, including Filed Climber, Stage Racer, Shadow, and Wii Balance Board-enabled modes. Several of the modes give users the chance to take advantage of the unique point-and-shoot capabilities of the Wii Remote.

The party doesn’t stop there. Take the Tetris fun online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, where you can play  multiplayer Tetris against up to five friends at a time. you can also see how your Tetris Party skills stack up against the rest of the world using the global ranking system.

Supports the Wii Balance Board.

The Incredible Maze
WiiWare – 24/10/2008 – Digital Leisure – puzzle – 1 player – 500 points – age 3+

Get lost in The Incredible Maze!

Simply tilt your Wii Remote to navigate a series of exciting and twisted mazes. Entering the mazed could not be easier, but finding your way out will require a keen eye and a steady hand. Obstacles and traps are around every corner, so move your ball around the maze without falling off the edge. But watch out, there are lots of surprises in store. You can hunt for gems in a timed challenge, or test your abilities in a race against the clock. The Incredible Mae is also compatible with the Wii Balance Board so you can really but your weight into it.

This is the way, but you’ll have to find your own way out.

Xbox 360: Sign up for New Xbox Experience


You can now sign up for the New Xbox Experience. Major Nelson have released information on how you can sign up for an early access of NXE. There will be some thousand that will be selected.

Here is a quote from MajorNelson.com:

Once you do that, you need to fill out the “Xbox 360 Fall Flash Preview Sign Up” survey in order to be considered for receiving the Preview System Update. We’re asking a few questions about where you live, your home network, ISP connection and a few other pieces of information. We are looking for a good cross-section of our members in order to get the best feedback we can.

The LIVE Service team will then review all of the applications and if you’re selected we’ll send you an email notifying you of your acceptance in the program.  A couple of points before you head off to register:

  • We’re looking for a few thousand participants, so your chances of making it in are good
  • This opportunity is open to all Xbox LIVE Members in regions where Xbox LIVE is available
  • Just completing the survey does not automatically get you access to the NXE. We’ll be making final selections from from the completed surveys.
  • Xbox LIVE Gold and Silver members can sign up.  Priority will be given to Gold members in the selection process.

If you are accepted, you’ll hear from us in about a week. Make sure your information on Connect is updated so we can email you.

So the New Xbox Experience is coming on November 19, but I realy hope I get selected for the preview program to try it out early.

[UPDATE] Larry Hryb now report that: “I just found out that that the preview program is now FULL. Now it’s time to go through the thousands of applicants. Thanks for your interest and good luck getting in!

Xbox 360: New Xbox Experience – What You Want to Know: Netflix and Video Store

Every week until November 19, 2008 Gamerscore blog will have something new on the New Xbox Experience. This week they talk about Netflix. This feature will only be available for Xbox 360 owner in the United States.

Here’s a quote:

Relax – it’s time to get comfy again and turn on your Xbox 360. On Nov. 19, all movies from your Netflix instant watch queue will be instantly accessible and playable on your Xbox 360. All Xbox LIVE Gold members with a Netflix subscription will be able to instantly watch more than 12,000 movies from the Netflix library at no extra charge.

On top of that, you no longer need to put on make-up, “acceptable” clothing and shoes to drive to the rental store. Xbox LIVE Video Marketplace offers more than 20,000 pieces of HD and standard definition content, and will have a new sleek look and feel that makes you feel like you’re browsing shelves right in your own living room. You’ll be able to see hi-res box art for all the movies and TV shows you love, plus read all the information that would usually be on the back of the DVD box.

Play-Asia.com: Pre-order Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi is now available for pre-order at Play-Asia.com. DSi will launch in Japan on November 1st, 2008. The pre-order price is US$ 299.00 and is available in both black and white. Many will probably import DSi, but I will wait for the European release next Spring.


  • Enlarged screen (17% bigger at 3.25 inches)
  • Reduced size (about 12% thinner)
  • Camera function built-in (640×480)
  • SD memory card slot (Allows you to save pictures and display them on the Wii™)
  • Built-in browser function
  • Built-in music playback function
  • Download and store games on your SD card (Japan only!)
  • Plays all Nintendo DS™ games!
  • Does NOT support Gameboy™ Advance anymore!

Play-Asia.com Removal Sale: 15% OFF ALL in-stock items – Only until Friday, October 31st 2008

Play-Asia.com now have a removale sale with 15% off all in-stock items. The sale ends on Friday, October 31st 2008 (that’s Saturday, November 1st 00:00am – Hong Kong Time). So now is a good time to get some great Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, PC and PSP titles. Here is a direct link to their bargain basement.

Here is the quote from their press release:

Come hitch a ride and drive away from the gloom. We know these are not the happiest of times with the force of the credit crunch and stock market plunges bearing down on all of us. But that is precisely why we are having this Removal Sale, let our wealth of entertainment goodies lift your spirits and remove some stress and tension from your shoulders.

Play-Asia.com will soon be moving to a new premises and to make our move easier, we need your help. How? Simple, just get on our trucks and make a grab at our wonderful deals.

Get ready to hail one of our trucks. The sale will commence from this very moment onwards towards the 31st of October, all in stock items will be reduced by 15%, just spot our blue and silver truck on our many product pages, stick out your thumb and get on.

The trucks are driving on the highways on our network but will only stop at a product page for as long as it is in stock. Some products are restocked regularly so the trucks drive back and forth on schedule while others have limited availability so the trucks never return once they drove off.

To avoid disappointment, get to your nearest highway and hail them as quickly as you can spot them to avoid disappointment. This truck riding activity is only going to last for a couple of days, start catching now and save plenty of cash in the process. After all, the prime objective of hitch-hiking, in most cases is to save cash.

Restrictions applied to this limited time offer:

  • The offer is only valid for orders placed between now and Saturday, November 1st 00:00am (Hong Kong Time). Please refer to the counter and submit your order before time has run out.
  • Each item eligible for the offer is marked with a “truck icon” and the product page price already reflects the final pricing including discount.
  • As the discount only applies to “in-stock” items, there’s a chance that the product will be sold out and the price changed back during checkout process. Please make sure to verify your price prior to confirming your order during the checkout process.
  • No further coupon codes may be applied to any order that includes at least one “in-stock” discounted item.
  • The offer excludes video game systems and products that were released during the last 30 days
  • The offer is not valid for items sold at wholesale discount.
  • The weekly special is excluded from this offer.
  • Different quantity limitations may exist depending on the product.