Xbox 360: Merv Griffin’s Crosswords on XBLA (USA only)

Microsoft ends this years Xbox Live Arcade lineup in the worst manner possible, with a US only release of Merv Griffin’s Crosswords. Nothing for the rest of us. The game is 800 points. (Source: Merv Griffin’s Crosswords From the Emmy®-winning creator of Wheel of Fortune® and Jeopardy®, and hosted by Ty Treadway, Merv Griffin’s [...]

Download Tomb Raider: Underworld soundtrack for free!

You can download the soundtrack for Tomb Raider: Underworld for free at The download is 198Mb for the complete package. You can also download the sountrack for each chapter individualy. Source:   

A year in 40 seconds

The Norwegian blogger Erik Solheim have taken some picture from the same spot thorughout the year and made a couple of video of it. It is pretty cool and the worth a look. He also explains on his blog what he did and how he made the video.

Review: Animal Crossing – Let’s Go To The City

Animal Crossing started its live on Nintendo 64 as Doubutsu no Mori (aka Animal Forest) in 2001, Japan. The game continued on GameCube (Animal Crossing) later the same year in Japan. US got the GameCube game in 2002, Australia in 2003 and Europe had to wait for 2004 to get the GameCube version. Nintendo DS [...] Doki doki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO – only US$ 39.90

On December 21st, I posted that you could get Doki doki Majo Shinpan! 2 DUO [First Print Limited Edition Box] for Nintendo DS for only US$ 59.90. Well, have reduced the price further and it’s now US$ 39.90 – limited time offer. You can also get Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 for [...] Deal of the Day – Call of Duty: World at War US$34.98 (PS3/Xbox360)

Todays (Monday December 29, 2008) Deal of the Day at is Call of Duty: World at War US$34.98 for both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Widgets Firefly: Season 1 [Blu-ray] only CDN$ 29.95 have Firefly: Season 1 on Blu-ray for only CDN$ 29.95 (~ qual to US$25 or ÂŁ17) [normal price is CDN$ 119.98]. I don’t know how long this deal will last, and they’re out of stock at the moment, but will delivere when available. The discset is region free. I haven’t seen Firefly yet, but [...]