Retro Gamer 69

In issue 69 of Retro Gamer, you can read about this (among other things): Back to the Eighties – August 1987 Back to the Nineties – April 1992 The Complete History of… Final Fantasy The Making of… Syndicate Why You Must Play… Cabal Retroinspection: Sega Nomad The Classic Game – Kung Fu Master From the [...]

Testing Facebook, Twitter and Zune Video store on Xbox 360

I assigned to the Xbox Live preview update for Xbox 360 and got into the first wave on October 22. Updated the Xbox with this falls big updates, which gives you Facebook, Twitter, Zune Video store and Last.FM (but only in US & UK) right on your Xbox 360. The update will go live for [...]

Nintendo launches Connection Ambassador in Europe

If you’re lucky and live in Europe and have a lot of friends and family who have still not connected their Nintendo Wii to internet, you can now help them and earn Nintendo Wii points. The more you help, the more points you earn. Helping 10 persons gives you 5000 points, 20 person helped gives [...]

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – video preview

I’m looking forward to the new New Super Mario Bros. Wii for Nintendo Wii which will be released in time for Christmas. You can watch a video preview of the game from bellow. Video Games | New Super Mario Bros. Wii | Preview XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Source: GoNintendo

Wii Sport can be hard on your Telly

So you remember when the Wii was released and people reported broken TV-sets because of hard gaming? I wonder how the sale on this homeshop channel went after they broke their TV. Source: via Twitter

Portable NES

I saw this YouTube-video of the portable 8-bit Nintendo NES on GoNintendo. It’s a nice hack to put an emulator inside a NES gamecart. It looks very cool. According to, it’s based on a generic Chinese media player. It can play NES, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color ROMs and have a 2.8-inch LCD and 4GB of [...]

Facebook, Twitter, and Zune soon on Xbox 360

It’s getting closer to the next Xbox 360 Dashboard update. The new firmware will bring you four new services to the Xbox. It will let you use Facebook, Twitter, and Zune from the Xbox 360 Dashboard. According to Xbox UK the update will come on November 17. Also there will be a public beta [...]