OnLive video presentation

OnLive is a cool concept of cloud-gaming and microconsoleing. In essence, you only have the controll and picture at your end. The game, computing power and storage are somewhere on the Internet, a long way from you. It would be fun to try this in practice. CEO Steve Perlman held a presentation of OnLive at Columbia [...]

Toy Story 3 Movie Clip – ABC First Look

I’m looking forward to Toy Story 3, enjoyed the two first movies. The Summer of 2010 can come fast enough. At least we can enjoy clips and trailers. Here’s a First Look video which I found on Enjoy! Toy Story 3 at

Michael Jackson ‚Äď This Is It

Michael Jackson died in June this year. It was the year for his great comeback with a lot of concerts on O2 Stadium in London. But he didn’t get that far. Even though the¬†This Is It concerts never happened, the single was released this fall which you can see in the video bellow made by [...]

Playstation Blog: ModNation Racers Creation Walkthrough Video

ModNation Racers was demoed on E3 earlier this year. It’s a racing game where you can create your own racing tracks. It looks great. Lucky gamers in US could participate in a beta program that startet just before Christmas, while gamers in Europe have to wait until the start of 2010. In the first video [...]

YouTube’s most viewed videos in 2009

YouTube is a great place to get the greatest music videoes, movie and game trailers, tutoriels, comedy and entertaining videoes. And some videos get more views than others do. The official YouTube blog¬†sums up the most viewed YouTube videos of 2009: Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent (120+ million views) David After Dentist (37+ million [...]

Retro Gamer: Videogames Hardware Handbook – 1977 to 1999

I’m a big fan of the Retro Gamer magazine¬†and I’m a subscriber. From time to time they release a bookazine. This time it’s the Videogames Hardware Handbook which gives you the articles about videogame systems and computers from 1977-99 they written about. You can the bookazine from Here’s the list: 1977-79 Atari 2600 1980-89 [...]

Retro Gamer #71

I allways look forward to a new¬†edition of Retro Gamer. So this is some of the thing you can read in issue 71: Back to the Eighties – November 1987 Back to the Nineties – June 1992 Coin-up Capers: After Burner DOS Gaming: A Bluffer’s Guide The SID Crowd The Making of Joe Jam and [...]