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E3: Ken Lobb Interview – Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts

Here is a video interview with Ken Lobb about the new Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for Xbox 360.

E3: Some of the features in the new Xbox experience

Major Nelson (aka Larry Hryb) have some more info on what to come in the new Dashboard update this Fall. The new features are looking good. So even if we didn’t got a firmware update this Spring, we are getting a lot this Fall.

Quote from

Dear Xbox LIVE Member,

When we launched Xbox 360 in November 2005, Xbox LIVE was integrated directly into the console. Back then, Xbox 360 was the first system to deliver access to experiences beyond just the disc in the tray. With the Xbox guide and dashboard you had access to everything on your console as well as your community.

We also imagined that Xbox experience would continuously improve over time, through the power of software.

Since launch, you’ve always pushed us to continuously innovate. It is because you spoke with one loud voice that we added new features like background downloading, 1080p support, movies and TV shows, video chat, a Marketplace blade and instant messaging.

Over time, as we’ve delivered more and more content into the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, we’ve heard from many of you that it has become increasingly difficult to find the games and content you want.

And that brings us to today.

Because of your feedback, we started rethinking the entire Xbox experience. What we discovered was that we could not only provide a better experience for you, but also something that reaches out to new audiences.

What John Schappert unveiled for the world on stage at E3 was just a sneak preview, so I wanted to share some deeper details on some of the new features in the new Xbox experience.

Here is a look at some additional features you will find interesting:

  • Play from hard drive. Copy your games from the game disc and play directly from the hard drive. Not only will the drive not spin, but load times are quicker, as well. Of course, you will still need the disc in the tray to prove you own the game.
  • Access Xbox LIVE Marketplace on the Web. Browse and purchase Marketplace content whenever you want from and it downloads automatically to your console. Purchase that new map, television episode, the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade game or set up a movie to watch when you get home from work.
  • Dashboard built into the new Xbox Guide. For everyone who loves the blades interface, it’s not going away; they are now built directly in to the new Xbox guide. Every feature and option is available right from the guide. You can even access your full games library at all times. No matter where you are (in dash or in game), immediately call up your games played list and directly launch a game.
  • LIVE Party system. Create a party of up to eight friends, and stay with them from one game to another, or watch a Netflix movie together, or share a slideshow of your personal photos. It works with all Xbox 360 titles, not just upcoming games. LIVE Party allows up to eight people to chat in the dashboard, so you can meet up before playing.
  • Xbox LIVE Primetime. This whole new category of games is going to give you more reasons to get online with your friends. Games will support everything you’d expect, like Achievements and leader boards, but many of these games will include real prizes. You can invite your friends, and even set a reminder for an upcoming show. Each game is broadcast simultaneously, so everyone is answering the same questions. Many events will have a live host, calling the shots as they happen.
  • Avatars. Your online identity started as a Gamertag – it then grew into a personalized Gamercard. Now, it has evolved even further into avatars. You can express your style, check out new outfits and share this with the community. Avatars will also be integrated into Xbox LIVE Arcade games, LIVE Party, as well as retail games.
  • New display support. Because you asked for it, we are adding 16X10 over VGA or HDMI, and support for 1440×900 or 1680×1050.

This is only the beginning. Over the next few months, we will share more details on the upcoming changes.

See you online,

Marc Whitten

E3: Microsoft makes partnership with Netflix

Microsoft announced at their E3 press conference today, that they makes partnership with Netflix. That means that people in US can stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix.

Quote from

Los Angeles—An exciting new home theater experience is coming to living rooms this holiday season. At E3, Microsoft and Netflix, the world’s largest online movie rental service, today unveiled an exclusive partnership to offer the ability to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to your television via Xbox 360®.

Xbox 360 will be the only game system that lets you instantly watch movies and TV episodes streamed from Netflix. This movie-watching innovation will be available to Xbox LIVE® Gold members who are also Netflix subscribers, and will let those users enjoy streaming movies from Netflix on Xbox LIVE at no additional cost.

A growing library of more than 10,000 movies and TV episodes will be available from Netflix when it launches on Xbox LIVE in late fall, with more choices added over time. Through this agreement, along with the existing Video Store, Xbox 360 will be home to more movies and TV shows on demand than any other device connected to the TV. Xbox LIVE quickly and easily connects you and your friends to the entertainment you want—with no PC required for viewing.

“Watching movies at home will never be the same. Netflix on Xbox 360 is an entertainment first, and we are bringing friends together with the best in entertainment content like no other device in the living room, ” said John Schappert, corporate vice president of Interactive Entertainment LIVE, Software and Services Business at Microsoft . “We are creating a completely new social entertainment experience, and Xbox 360 will be the only video game system where you can access your library of instantly streamable movies from Netflix and turn any room into a virtual movie theater.”

E3: New Dashboard with avatars for Xbox 360

Microsoft may just have stolen some of Sony’s thunder! Under Microsoft’s press conference at E3 today, they announced a new Dasboard update this Fall with avatars. So it’s now wonder that there was no Dashboard update this Spring. Microsoft call it The New Experience.

Microsoft’s new avatar system will be much like Home on Sony’s PS3. And from the little that they actually showed, it looked real nice.

The new design and navigation of the Dashboard looked great and easy to use.

You can costumize your avatar in almost any possible way you want. And when your friends logs on Live, their avatar will turn up on your Dashboard. You can make a party with up to 7 of your friends, play games together or watch each others photos.

E3: Microsoft press conference

This post was blogged while I watched the press briefing online on I hope I got it all. Microsoft was the first company to hold their press conference at E3 2008. Sony and Nintendo will hold theirs tomorrow, Tuesday 15th.

  • Fallout 3 demoed
  • Resident Evil 5 demoed. Worldwide release on March 13, 2009
  • Fable II showed. The game will be released in October 2008
  • Gears of War 2 trailer. Available on November 7, 2008 worldwide
  • Games are bigger than music, DVD andmovies
  • 10.3 mill Xbox 360 sold in US
  • Last year: 6 million Live member, 12 mill. this year
  • Xbox Live world biggest provider of HD content
  • NBC and Universal Studios join Xbox Live Video Markedplace (i US)
  • Constantin Film and Metro Goldwyn Mayer join Europe’s Video Markedplace
  • New software update this Fall, new dashboard. New avatar system. Avatar of your friends will pop up when they log on. You can have a party with up to 8 friends.
  • Xbox Primetime – you can win real prices
  • Geometry Wars 2 coming to XBLA next month
  • Galaga Legions (XBLA) – next month
  • South Park on XBLA
  • Xbox Live Community games coming this Fall
  • Netflix will be available on Xbox. Movies and TV shows can be shared with your party.
  • 1000+ titles available at the end of 2008
  • Banjo & Kazooie trailer. The original game will come to XBLA
  • Viva Pinata – Trouble in Paradise trailer
  • Seen It? Box Office Smash trailer. Your avatar will be in the game.
  • Your In the Movie demoed. The game will make use of the Vision Camera. Videoes taken in the minigames will be insterted in a movie for playback. Look funny. The game will include a Vision Camera.
  • 3.5 million songs download from the Markedplace every month. That’s 80% of all songs on all platforms.
  • Guitar Hero – World Tour demoed. 85 songs. Wireless drumset. Game will include a music studio for making and sharing music.
  • Lips trailer. (like SingStar). You can sing along with your own music song collection. It will include mic which are motionsensitive.
  • Rockband 2 exclusive on Xbox 360 coming September 2008. All songs from the first Rockband game will be compatible with the new game.
  • Infinite Underscovery. Xbox 360 Exclusive. Coming this Fall.
  • Star Ocean – The Last Hope. Coming in Spring 2009.
  • The Last Remnant trailer. Coming this November 20, 2008 Worldwide. Also available for Games for Windows.
  • Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

Xbox 360: MS bringing E3 home to over 12 million Xbox Live members

Microsofts pressrelease via

PRESS RELEASE: Xbox LIVE is Bringing Home E3 2008 with a Host of Exclusive Content and Back-Stage Access

Starting July 14, Xbox 360 fans across the globe will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes at the invitation-only E3 Media and Business Summit (E3) and see what’s being unveiled for 2008 and beyond.

Microsoft is bringing E3 home to the more than 12 million Xbox LIVE members across the globe by providing breaking Xbox 360 news directly from the event to their televisions.

Viewers will have free access to the high-definition content and highlights from the not-to-be-missed Microsoft E3 keynote, which promises a host of surprising announcements.

Additional content made exclusively available will include a daily wrap-up of all the news from the show floor, behind-the-scenes footage from E3, never-before-seen gameplay, screenshots and game trailers from some of the biggest and best games of 2008 and exclusive interviews with industry leaders and developers. Fans will also have the opportunity to customize their experience with new gamerpics and themes and have a chance to try out some of the latest games, including a downloadable demo of the highly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive, “Too Human.”

These additions will enhance Xbox LIVE Marketplace’s growing library of premium entertainment, which already equals more than 4,800 hours of total downloadable content (HD and SD). Xbox LIVE Marketplace is the leading destination for downloadable HD movies and television content.

Don’t miss any of the news and excitement Microsoft has in store for its Xbox 360 fans by gathering everyone together in the living room to and enjoy the E3 experience with E3: Bringing It Home. To download E3 content, go to Xbox LIVE Marketplace or visit