Retro Gamer issue 77

Issue 77 of Retro Gamer have been out for a while now and this is some of the things you can read about: Back to the Eightes – June 1988 Back to the Nineties – December 1992 The Making of… Zork Retroinspection: Sega 32x Prince of Persia Why You Must Play… Hyper Sports From the [...]

Retro Gamer #76

¬†I’m very late with this, since the next issue if Retro Gamer is allready out. But this is some of the things you can read in issue 76 of Retro Gamer: Back to the Eighties – May 1988 Back to the Nineties – November 1992 Digital Dreams: How Microsoft plans to bring back the arcades [...]

Pac-Man 30th anniversary

  On May 22, 1980 Namco released Pac-Man to the Japanese arcades. The game was a great success, and after 30 years, we still play Pac-Man. The game have been converted and ported to every videogame format under the sun. Everybody knows about Pac-Man and it was an icon of the 1980s popular culture. I have [...]

Retro Gamer #75

I like old videogames, that’s why I like to read Retro Gamer. This is what you can read in the latest issue of Retro Gamer #75: Back to the Eighties – April 1988 Back to the Nineties – October 1992 The Making of… The Addams Family The Classig Game – REZ Retro Shamer: The Scout [...]

3D Dot Game Heroes Walkthrough

The 3D Dot Game Heroes for Playstation 3 coming this May, looks real cool. It’s like Zelda in dot matrix, very retro, very 8-bit, but still new and fresh. I really like the style of this game, and think it will have a great apeal on the older audience of videogaming, the gamers that had [...]

Retro Gamer #74

A new issue of Retro Gamer is available. This is some of the things you can read in issue 74 of Retro Gamer: Back to the Eighties – March 1983 Back to the Ninteties – September 1992 The Definitive Ghosts ‘n Goblins The Making of… Xor Retroinspection: Sam Coupe The making of… Spy vs Spy [...]

Winter Games review

There is one gaming company that I do¬†remember from the 80′ies, Epyx. They made a lot of good games. One, which I’m very fond of, is Winter Games on Commodore 64. The games was released on ‘all’ formats under the sun. And since it’s time for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada, I thought it [...]