Xbox360: The Red Ring of Death

June 5th, 2006

Well, it’s my time to get the “Red Ring of Death”. I have had some freeze ups on my Xbox 360, but it have only happened from time to time. Not like this weekend. I played Burnout as usual when the 360 froze. I was around the 800th place, and when I turned my Xbox on again, I had fallen to 46000-or-something place. Not Good. I played 5 minuttes and it froze again. It also happened a third time. So I took a break to the next day.

It started up but froze afer 5 minuttes. I removed everything and remounted the powersupply and videocable and the HD. Froze. It even froze in Dashboard without the harddrive. Later in the day I only got three red lights.

Looking back: Italia’90 (MasterSystem & MegaDrive/Genesis)

June 5th, 2006

Next week the World Cup in football starts in Germany, and I’m looking forward to see it. And when it’s a World Cup, there’s a new football games for the consoles. Today this games are very realistic and you can actually see which player you are using. That was not the case 16 years ago. Then, everything was kind of blocky, but the games played well.

So in the video below, you will see the Italia’90 game for the Sega Master System and Mega Drive (aka Genesis).

Review: New Super Mario Bros.

May 30th, 2006

Once again Princess Peach has been kidnapped and it’s Marios task to rescue her. A well used “story”, but it works.

This is the first new Mario 2D games since 1992 when Super Mario World was released on the SNES. Even if this is a 2D platformer, all characters are 3D and thats kind of cool. It works very well. The graphics is over all good. You only play with one screen, the other have some statestic and other information.

I like this game a lot. Some levels are easy and some harder, sometimes it’s frustrating. But after a small brake, you get the leveles. Not all worlds are accesible in the start. You have to find secrets paths to get to World 4 and 6. And a lot of the levels have different end paths. This adds a good replay value. Each level have three Star Coins you have to collect. This can bee used to Star Coin signs in the world map which opens new paths.

Mario have got three noew capabilies in this game; Mega Mario, Mini Mario and Shell Mario. Mega Mario is very cool. Mario get as high as the screen and you can run through everything. But I miss all the cool things Mario could do in SMB3 and SMW, like the cape and frogsuite.

It’s fun to be playing a new 2d Mario platformer. It’s a great game but it lack some of the inovative things that Super Mario Bros.3 (NES) and Super Mario World (SNES) had. This two games are among the best games ever created. But New Super Mario Bros. for the DS is a great game and I highly recommand it. Go and buy it!

You can try or

E3 – Xbox Live

May 12th, 2006

This have been a good week for Xbox Live users. I’ve been downloading all the tree new demos, which are very good, and lots of the new videoclips. I like it, a smart move for Microsoft.

E3 – Microsoft’s press conference

May 9th, 2006

I’ve also been watching Microsoft’s press conference online today. It was OK, nothing spectacular. Since Microsoft have had their Xbox360 out for halve a year now, game is everything. They showed some impressive videos. The new Xbox, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile symbiosis look interesting.

E3 – Nintendo’s press conference

May 9th, 2006

I’ve just watched Nintendo’s press conference online, and they know how to do their suff. It was real good. The Wii looks like a good pice of hardware and Zelda on launch is very welcome. The Mario game and the others also looked nice. I think it’s gonna rock.

The much talked about controller, looked very natural in the hands of the players and very intuitive. What I can see, Sony didn’t copy the motion sensor thing very good.

The press conference did not talk much about Wii’s download station nor the Wii and DS conectivity, but we will probably learn more about that in time to come.

Reggie, Miyamoto and Iwata rocks. They did a good performence at the press conference.

E3 – Sony’s press conference

May 9th, 2006

I saw the press conference for Sony online. It was an OK show, and in my opinion, with no big suprises. The biggest secret was the “new” controller which was looking the same as the old one, but with similarities to the Wii controller which we will get more info about this afternoon (in Europe, in the morning in US).

The price was also a bit high, but you get a Blue-ray player. A stand alone Blue-ray player will probably cost about the same as PS3.