I’m still blogging

It’s been a while since my last blogpost, not because I’ve stopped blogging, but because I will devote my preciouse time on my Norwegian blog. There will be new posts here, but not as frequently as earlier. There’s only 24 hours in a day, and I will use some of them to make my Norwegian [...]

Apple iPhone 4

Steve Jobs presentet Apples new iPhone 4 at the WWDC 2010. The new iPhone with iOS 4 looks good and have great specs, and even smaller than the iPhone 3GS. Some of the specs: Video recording, HD (720p) @ 30 fps 5-megapixel still camera 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi Retina display Sensors: Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, Proximity [...]

Retro Gamer #76

 I’m very late with this, since the next issue if Retro Gamer is allready out. But this is some of the things you can read in issue 76 of Retro Gamer: Back to the Eighties – May 1988 Back to the Nineties – November 1992 Digital Dreams: How Microsoft plans to bring back the arcades [...]

Pac-Man 30th anniversary

  On May 22, 1980 Namco released Pac-Man to the Japanese arcades. The game was a great success, and after 30 years, we still play Pac-Man. The game have been converted and ported to every videogame format under the sun. Everybody knows about Pac-Man and it was an icon of the 1980s popular culture. I have [...]

President Obama speaks at the Correspondents’ Dinner

Every year the president of USA invites the journalists that works at the White House Correspondents’ Association to the Correspondents’ Dinner which was held on May 1st, 2010. President Barack Obama makes fun of journalists, politicians and himself. Under you can se Obama’s speech and Jay Leno’s monologue at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The videos [...]

LEGO Tower – Contructing a Guinness World Record

If you have enough LEGO bricks, you can set a world record. But you need around 500.000 of them. A new Guinness World Record was set in Oslo, Norway on April 24th, 2010. The new LEGO tower record is 30.22 meters tall and beat the record from Munich last year by 25cm. I recorded a [...]

Retro Gamer #75

I like old videogames, that’s why I like to read Retro Gamer. This is what you can read in the latest issue of Retro Gamer #75: Back to the Eighties – April 1988 Back to the Nineties – October 1992 The Making of… The Addams Family The Classig Game – REZ Retro Shamer: The Scout [...]