CSI: Deadly Intent – Developer Diary (IGN.com)

I love all the CSI shows on TV, expecially the original series. I’ve played all the CSI games, though they are not the best in graphics or gameplay, but it is interesting enough. There is a new CSI game in the horizon, CSI: Deadly Intent. And here is an interview with the  developers. Video taken [...]

Reggie Fils-Aime at PAX – interviewed by G4TV

Reggie Fils-Aime – president of Nintendo of America – where interview by G4TV.com at PAX 2009, and talks about DSi and the Nintendo Wii. Video Game – E3 2009 – Nintendo DS Source: GoNintendo.com and wii.kombo.com

The Paley Fest 09 – Fringe Roundtable Interview

Here is the Fringe roundtable interview at the Paley Fest 09. It’s all about Fringe, featuring J.J. Abrams, Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Jeff Pinkner, Bryan Burk, Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble. Fringe returns on September 17 in the US.

A look at the new Playstation 3 controller – part 2

blog.us.playstation.com is running a series of video about the new controller for Playstation 3. They have now come to part 2 of the series (you can watch the first part here). It’s an interview with Anton Mikhailov, a software engineer  in SCEA’s Research & Development department.

Fringe Season 2 teaser

I like the show Fringe which is made by J.J. Abrams, the man behind Alias and LOST. Season 2 of Fringe premiers on September 17, 2009 in US. Here is a teaser of season 2 of Fringe. Here is a small interview with J.J Abrams on season 2.

A look at the new Playstation 3 controller

Blog.eu.playstation.com have posted a video with a interview of Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov which are the mastermind behind the new motion controller for PlayStation 3, a Behind The Scenes With SCEA Research & Development (Part 1).

Heavy Rain at GamesCom

Heavy Rain for PlayStation 3 looks real good. At this weeks GamesCom the new character Detective Shelby was introduced in this video with David Cage who is writer/director and Founder/CEO of developer Quantic Dream. Source: blog.us.playstation.com