Testing Facebook, Twitter and Zune Video store on Xbox 360

I assigned to the Xbox Live preview update for Xbox 360 and got into the first wave on October 22. Updated the Xbox with this falls big updates, which gives you Facebook, Twitter, Zune Video store and Last.FM (but only in US & UK) right on your Xbox 360. The update will go live for [...]

Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Zune soon on Xbox 360

It’s getting closer to the next Xbox 360 Dashboard update. The new firmware will bring you four new services to the Xbox. It will let you use Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Zune from the Xbox 360 Dashboard. According to Xbox UK the update will come on November 17. Also there will be a public beta [...]

The new Xbox Live update in video (Joystiq.com)

The Xbox 360 Dashboard will get a new update on August 11, and will have some new features. You could apply for an early preview and some at Joystiq.com got one and made a video of the new update. I wasn’t able to apply this time since I’m on holiday, but August is not that [...]

Xbox 360: Free Your Avatar

If you go to Xbox.co.uk, you can free your avatar. You can  use your avatar and place it on backgrounds and export as profile pictures for MySpace or Facebook. Or you can send it to a friend. Type in your gamertag name or your friends name. Choose a nice background. They could have added some [...]

Show your NXE avatar to the world

The New Xbox Experience is now up and running, and with that is the Avatar. It’s easy to make an avatar and you can also show it to the rest of the World with ease. Use the link: http://avatar.xboxlive.com/avatar/GAMERTAG/avatar-body.png … and change GAMERTAG with your Xbox gamertag. When I use mine, technofranki, you can see [...]

Xbox 360: A Kingdom for Keflings on XBLA with avatars

On November 19 the long waited NXE update is hitting your Xbox. Along side with the firmware update, UNO!, Bomberman Live, Hardwood Hearts and Hardwood Spades will also be updated to support avatars (Gamerscoreblog.com). Also, A Kingdom for Keflings will be released with avatar support at 800 points. Full quote from GamerscoreBlog.com: You play a [...]

Xbox 360: NXE – Gamerscore Blog: Party And Photo Sharing

This week at GamerscoreBlog, they talk about Party And Photo Sharing in the New Xbox Experience. November 19 is coming closes every day now. Xbox LIVE Party will let you and up to seven friends jump from experience to experience while staying connected at all times. If you have a weekly Gears match and one [...]