3D Dot Game Heroes Walkthrough

The 3D Dot Game Heroes for Playstation 3 coming this May, looks real cool. It’s like Zelda in dot matrix, very retro, very 8-bit, but still new and fresh. I really like the style of this game, and think it will have a great apeal on the older audience of videogaming, the gamers that had [...]

New Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailer

There’s a new trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2. Looks like a good game. Source: Kotaku.com

New Alan Wake trailer

Alan Wake from Remedy Games is coming Xbox 360 in May.

Toy Story 3 Movie Clip – ABC First Look

I’m looking forward to Toy Story 3, enjoyed the two first movies. The Summer of 2010 can come fast enough. At least we can enjoy clips and trailers. Here’s a First Look video which I found on IGN.com. Enjoy! Toy Story 3 at IGN.com

This Is It movie trailer

Here is the trailer for Michael Jackson’s This is it movie. The Official HD Trailer for “Michael Jackson’s This Is It”, aired on MTV Video Music Awards.

Dreamcast 10th anniversary

Sega Dreamcast is 10 years old or there about. The console was released in Japan on November 27, 1998. US September 9, 1999 and in Europe and Australia on October 14, 1999. The Dreamcast was Sega’s last console and was actually a short-lived one. It was discontinued after around 3 years in most part of [...]

European trailer of Uno DSiWare

Uno will be released on DSiWare on the Nintendo DSi in Europe end of September at 500 Nintendo Points. Source: GoNintendo.com