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Virtual Console games – Europe – Friday October 3, 2008

Europe got two new Virtual Console games to download on Nintendo Wii this week, that’s Friday Ocotber 3, 2008.

Earthworm Jim
Mega Drive – Sega – 1994 – action – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

Jim was just an ordinary earthworm who did regular earthworm-like things such as flee from crows and eat dirt. One day, during a grand space battle overhead, a super suit drops to Earth and lands around Jim – and transforms him into a large and and intelligent (at least by earthworm standards) superhero! Then, when Jim learns of the evil plans of Psy-crow and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt, he jumps into action and resolves to rescue the beautiful Princess What’s-Her-Name!

Play as Jim in this zany, madcap Sega Mega Drive adventure! Run, gun, swing on hooks by your (worm) head and launch cows at the quirky villains you meet along the way, such as Major Mucus, Chuck and Fili, Evil the cat and Bob the Killer Goldfish. Groovy!

Shining Force II
Mega Drive – Sega – 1994 – RPG – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

It’s a dark and stormy night in the Kingdom of Granseal, when a thief steals two jewels from the Tower of the Ancients, which sets motion strange events that lead to the resurrection of Zeon, the Devil King! Granseal’s king falls sick, the princess is kidnapped and a door to Arc Valley, the Devil King’s home, is opned. The young swordsman Bowie, realising the grave danger Granseal faces, must lead the Shining Force to find the Holy Sword and the stolen jewels, and protect Granseal against the invading armies of the evil Zean.

Wii storage solutions

It was announced at Nintendo’s press conference in Japan eariler today that they will have a firmware update for the Wii in Spring 2009 that will let you download and store WiiWare and Virtual Console games on SD-card directly (source: Eurogamer.net). But there was no mention if you could run the games from the SD-card, we can already copy VC and WiiWare titles to the SD-card, so this announcement isn’t much of a news.

But then, I saw on GameSpot.com who reported from Nintendo’s press event in San Fransisco today where Reggie Fils-Aime said the following:

“Iwata is addressing the problem of Wii storage,” he says. “Soon you will be able to download and store virtual console and WiiWare titles directly your SD card, and play them off your SD card. This will make the Wii download experience much easier.”

So this is NEWS! But I hoped they could put up this feature in a firmware this Fall, and not wait until Spring next year. But hey, Nintendo is solving the storage problem.

Wii: Virtual Console, Europe – Friday September 19, 2008

Friday September 19, 2008 Europe got three new Virtual Console games to download on Nintendo Wii.

Boulder Dash
Commodore 64 – 1984 – Commodore Gaming – puzzle/arcade – 1-2 players – 500 points – age 7+

Originaly released in 1984, Boulder dash is well-known as one of the greats of the classic era of compuer games. It is one of the very few computer games ever to be prted from home computer to arcades, rather the other way around.

The hero of the game is the brave prospector Rockford. His mission: to dig through caves collecting diamonds. But it’s not as easy as it might seem! Rockford must stay constantly on the lookout for various types of dagnerous creatures and obstacles, like falling roks, which threaten his underground mission. He is in constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalance, or being killed by and underground explosion.

Strategy and planning are the key to master the “physics” of Boulder Dash. Once the indicated amount of Jewels have been collected, the door to the mysterious escape tunnel is revealed, and Rockford can pass through into another cave, filled with precious stones and dangerous traps! So what ate you waiting for? The diamond rush is upon us!

Commodore 64 – 1983 – Commodore Gaming – arcade/platformer/other – 1 player – 500 points – age 3+

The enemy has infiltrated Jupiter Headquarters! Alienators have planted bombs throughout its thrirty levels and are ready to ashes at any moment. Can they be stopped?

Already, Jupiter #1 is starting to crumble. Can it be saved? And can the other two command centres be secured before the Alienators overrun their defences? It’s up to you!

You, trained as the goverment’s top secret weapon, are the only one able to defuse the boms and restore the communication systems. You are Jupiter Jumpman! You have the speed, skill and seven lives necessary to outwit the Alienators. You have the ability to scale ladders, girders and ropes, and traverse mysterious maxes to quickly find the bombs. Only you know how to defuse them.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Master System – 1991 – Sega – action/platformer – 1 player – 500 points – age 3+

Got ready for a second helping of the original Sonc the Hedgehog with the Sega MAster System remake of Sonic’s debut adventure! This version of the classic platformer game sports new stages, mew bosses and a level map.

Remember hunting through the Special Stages for Chaos Emeralds? Now they’ve hidden in the regular stages, so get hunting! But don’t worry, the Special Stages are still here with other prizes for you to pick up.

With a host of new Zones exclusive to this version and a showdown with the evil Dr Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnic) at the end of each Zone, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to it!