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Xbox 360: Domino Master and Feeding Frenzy 2 on XBLA

This weeks Xbox Live Arcade games are Domino Master and Feeding Frenzy 2. They are both prices 800 points and is hitting the Markedplace on Wednesday Spetember 17, 2008.

Domino Master

It’s dominos with all the bells and whistles in Domino Master®! Play solo or against friends and family in any of five exciting game variations including Mexican Train, All 3′s, All 5′s, Straight Dominos, or Bergen. See if you have what it takes to move up the ranks and score the coveted spot at the top of the Leaderboards or grab the exciting achievements in this great family game sure to please all ages.

  • Variable difficulty levels: The single player mode features three levels of difficulty for the A.I. players, including Beginner, Master, and Guru, to provide exciting game play for all ages.
  • Five game modes: Play Straight, All 3′s, All 5′s, Bergen, or Mexican Train.
  • Leaderboard support: See your name in lights as you check the leaderboards for each game type.
  • Exciting multiplayer modes: Play Player Match or Ranked Matches. The ultimate party game comes to life when up to four players compete to see who can become the Domino Master.
  • Custom rules: Modify the rules to create your own personal dominos game.
  • Multiple domino sets: Choose from double sixes, double nines, or double twelve domino sets.

Feeding Frenzy ®2: Shipwreck Showdown™

Chomp your way through an underwater mystery in Feeding Frenzy® 2: Shipwreck Showdown™! Play solo or with friends to dodge predators and eat your way up the food chain to save the sea in this sequel to the popular Xbox LIVE® Arcade game Feeding Frenzy. Play wild, wacky party games, and try to stay alive in Time Attack mode! Sixty spectacular levels, brand-new fish, and underwater scenes await!

  • New features: New fish and 60 new levels are included. And now, your fish has the ability to jump out of the water.
  • Multiple game modes: Play wacky party games, try to survive the Time Attack mode, or take on the main challenge and eat your way up the food chain.
  • Multiplayer: Try co-op campaign play on the same console for up to four players, or try the four player mini-games. Everyone can get into a Feeding Frenzy!

Xbox 360: Three XBLA games this week

This week, Wednesday September 10th 2008, there will be no more than three Xbox Live Arcade games; Rocket Bowl (not in Korea), Shotest Shogi (not in Japan) and Samurai Shodown II.

Rocket Bowl (800 points)

Ready for a fresh twist on a classic sport? Then you’re ready for Rocket Bowl! Featuring a 50s style retro-futuristic vibe, out-of-this-world courses, and rocket-powered bowling balls, Rocket Bowl rolls a perfect game of fun on Xbox LIVE® Arcade. Compete in tournaments, challenge your friends in multiplayer, test your skill in mini-games, and more. You’re not just bowling … you’re Rocket Bowling!

  • Rocket-powered bowling balls: Rocket Bowl takes the sport to a whole ‘nother level with rocket-powered balls that can boost, jump, and turn to help you knock down the pins and earn extra points with wild shots.
  • Ten crazy bowling courses: In addition to a regular bowling alley, play on nine additional crazy courses filled with ramps, tunnels, loops, hills, curves, and more to create a unique bowling experience.
  • Fun and varied single-player mode: Take on a variety of courses in Free Play mode, or challenge the pros in Tournament and Challenge modes, where you can wager and win money to upgrade equipment.
  • Exciting multiplayer matches: Compete with up to four friends over Xbox LIVE or locally on one system. Xbox LIVE play features Player (unranked) and Ranked matches.
  • Challenging mini-games: Earn extra cash in skill-testing mini-games like MiniStriker and Alternate Shot.
  • Upgrade your equipment: Using cash earned by winning matches and mini-games, players can upgrade from more than 15 unique bowling balls including Strawbally, 8-Ball, the Jupiter 5000, and the Kalamazoo Special. More powerful bowling balls feature enhanced boost and curve abilities.

Shotest Shogi (800 points)

You may know chess, but do you know shogi? This challenging and exciting strategy game is arguably the most popular board game in Japan. Now, Shotest Shogi arrives on Xbox LIVE® Arcade with world-class A.I., 16 challenging computer opponents, online multiplayer, gorgeous 3-D boards, and a beautifully rendered Japanese setting. Shogi veterans can jump right in and play, while newcomers will learn the basics and finer points through animated tutorials and puzzles. Once you experience Shotest Shogi, you’ll understand why the Japanese are so fascinated with the game!

  • Interactive tutorial: Much more immersive than a simple walkthrough, the interactive tutorial has lessons and challenges to help the player learn the game and have fun.
  • Challenging opponents: Play against world-class game A.I., with sixteen opponents featuring a range of human-style play. In local career mode, unlock new opponents as you defeat them. Earn a higher rating as you successfully play career games.
  • Multiplayer: Play online against some of the world’s greatest Shogi players on Xbox LIVE.
  • 3-D environments: Play in two beautiful Japanese locations, with realistic pieces on a Kaya-wood Goban board.
  • Add-on packs: Get the advanced Shogi teaching packs; it’s the easiest way to learn.

Samurai Shodown II (800 points)

The classic fighting game Samurai Shodown II® comes to Xbox LIVE® Arcade in all its action-packed glory! Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Hanzo, Sharolotte and Galford are just some of the sixteen samurai who fight for their beliefs in this classic 2-D sword-fighting game known all around the world. Featuring the Strong Slash and weapon-breaking moves that heighten the game tension, now you can face off in battle against samurai all over the world through Xbox LIVE. It is time for you to be one of the samurai!

  • Classic fighting action: Widely considered as one of SNK’s greatest games, Samurai Shodown II on Xbox LIVE Arcade brings you all the great action of the original in a next-gen format.
  • New fighting techniques: Learn to parry, roll, duck, and hop. Feel the power of the Strong Slash, and use the uniqueness of the weapon-breaking moves to turn the fight in your favor.
  • Multiple characters: Sixteen unique playable characters are included. Choose your favorite and rise to the top.