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Buffering – problems with videostreaming online

Have you ever experienced the buffer problem when you stream video online? You watch 10 seconds, and then you have to wait another 20 seconds to watch a few seconds more of the video. Not the best experience.

A few years ago the Norwegian comedians Bård Tufte Johansen, Harald Eia and Atle Antonsen made a very good sketch about the subject buffering.

The video is well worth a look. Norwegian audio with English subtitles.

3D videos on YouTube


YouTube is experimenting with 3D videos in the site. You can use red-cyan glasses or you can just cross your eyes. Not the best method, but it works. You can read a bit more about it on the YouTube forum and and different 3D techniques on Wikipedia.org.

To watch the videoes bellow with 3D effect, cross your eyes. To watch it with other 3D techniques, you have to click the links bellow the video to go to YouTube and choose other options.

Source: seroundtable.com via gizmodo.com

Click to see the video on YouTube

Click to see the video on YouTube

Click to see the video on YouTube

The inside of a DVD-player

I’ve always liked to look inside electronic gadget and other products. My sister was so kind to donate her deceased DVD-player to science. I performed a autopsy of a United  DVD  5054M DVD-player. The cause of death is still unknown, but the last meal was Cry Baby.








Pictures and video have a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Norway lisence.

Game & Watch games coming to DSiWare

Do you remember the good old Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds you bought in the 80′s? Well, they’re back, at least as DSiWare on Nintendo DSi in Japan. (Source: GoNintendo.com)

Game & Watch games gave been released on the GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and the DS. Now it’s time for the downloadable version for the DSi. It’s Japan only for now, but I guess we’ll see it here in the West too. If the real thing is more like your coup of tee, you can always check out


The first games are:

  • Ball, Flagman, Vermin & Judge (July 15)
  • Helmet & Chef (July 29)
  • Donkey Kong Jr., Mario’s Cement Factory & Manhole (August)

Here are a couple of videoes, you can see more on gamersdag.nl.

Sour – “Hibi no neiro” – Great music video

The Japanese band Sour have made a fantastic music video for their “Hibi no neiro“-song (“日々の音色”/”Tone of everyday“). The video is made of recordings from fan all over the World, and edited in to an amazing musicvideo. I guess they have used a lot of time planing and editing this video. It’s a must see!

PSP firmware updated to v5.0

Sony updated the PSP firmware from v4.05 to v5.0. So it’s a major update. And the big news is that PlayStation Store now is available for PSP.

So here is the full quote from PlayStation.uk:

An update to the PSP system software was released on October 15, 2008. If you update your PSP system, the system software version will be 5.00 and the following features will be updated.

Main features updated in version 5.00

PlayStation®Store is now available on the PSP™ system

  • Using a Wireless network connection, you can now download (as a purchase or for free) products such as games, additional items for games, or video content for use on the PSP system.

The feature for outputting video from PlayStation® format software to a TV has been improved (PSP-2000 only)

  • You can now output video from PlayStation format software to a TV in full-screen size.
    You can now use video output cables that do not support video in progressive mode to output video from PlayStation format software to a TV.


  • The number of file types that can be played has been increased to include MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Video Main Profile (AVC CABAC) in 640 x 480 pixels
  • Hint: Some video files of this type may not be playable.


  • [Sleep Timer] has been added as an option on the control panel.


  • [Title Display] has been added as an option under [Video Settings].
  • [USB Auto Connect] has been added as an option under [System Settings].
  • [Backlight Auto-Adjust] has been added as an option under [Power Save Settings].


  • The default Theme for the PSP system has been redesigned.
  • You can now use a full-size on-screen keyboard.

Here is a YouTube video I made to show off the new PlayStation Store on PSP.