Wii: Minor Wii firmware update (still 3.3E)

Nintendo issued a minor firmware update for Nintendo Wii today. It read likes this:

Save files created by unauthorised modifications may cause damage to your Wii console. This update will detect and automatically delete such files.

The version is still 3.3E like after the minor update this summer, which had almost the same fixes. It looks like Nintendo just have updated for blocking new ways to hack the Wii.

My thought of this update is that it doesn’t do anything, realy. Since people that have modified their Wii console won’t update with this patch, and regular gamers don’t hack theirs Wii.

[UPDATE] GoNintendo.com have listed what’s in the update:

  •  Wii Points will soon be called Nintendo Points, and all references as such will be updated. All other functionality with Nintendo Points will remain the same.
  • The controller usage explanation screen will be updated.
  • The controller usage explanation screen will be separated from the purchase screen. Along with this, the user will be prompted to confirm that they have any necessary accessories before being able to press the Purchase button.
  • The design of the icons displayed will be updated.

DS: My Japanese Coach

I always wanted to learn some Japanese and have bought some books. And I’ve seen that there have been released several My Coach titles from Ubisoft, but not in Japanese until now. The “game” have only been released in US so far, so I quess I will import it.

Here is a rundown of the title, taken from Amazon.com:

Explore Japan as each point of interest opens up your vocabulary

  • Lesson plans take place within interesting locations ranging from Tokyo to the country side
  • Useful information for first time Japanese speakers planning to visit the country
  • The world map is identical to the Japanese map and the locations of the country

Learn to pronounce sounds unique to Japanese by comparing your voice to a native speaker

  • Voice recording and playback feature of the DS allows the player to compare his or her accent to a native Japanese speaker
  • Ability to listen and compare phrases not just words but also phrases as well

Develop your calligraphy skills as you trace over animations showing the proper way to write in Japanese

  • Write Japanese characters using the DS stylus and touch screen
  • Stroke order and comparison ability allows players to properly write hiragana / katakana / kanji

Participate in mini-games that will test your grasp of the structured lessons featured in the game

  • 12 mini-games reinforce lesson plans and the ability to write in Japanese
  • Variety of mini games ranging from whack-a-mole, word search, bridge builder, and kanji writing

Use the built in reference tool to look up useful words and phrases

  • Japanese Dictionary and phrasebook with over 12,000 Japanese words and hundreds of useful phrases
  • Strong reference points and serves as an independent tool from the game that’s very practical and useful 

My Japanese Coach is available from Amazon.com (ships only to US) and Play-Asia.com (ship Worldwide).