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Zune HD – coming later this year!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Later this year, Microsoft will release a new version of their Zune player, the Zune HD. Here are some fact about the new Zune HD taken from

  • HD radio
  • HD video with the use of dockingstation
  • OLED screen, widescreen 480×272
  • multitouch capabilities
  • Integrates with Xbox Live Marketplace

To play HD video you have to use a dockstation. That is plain stupid if you ask me. You should be able to just connect an HDMI cable from the Zune to a HDTV.

According to, the combined Zune Marketplace and  Xbox Live Video Marketplace is coming to Europe, but no Zune HD yet. I do hope the we who lives in small countries also will be able to download videoes and not only big countries like United Kingdom and Germany.


E3 2009 – One week left

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


This years E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) will be in Los Angeles June 2-4. That’s only one week away. The last couple of years, the show have been toned down. But this year, it’s back with a big show.

Microsoft start it all with its press conference on Monday June 1st at 10:30AM PST, that’s 19:30 (or 7.30 PM) European time (like Oslo, Berlin, Rome). Check out for your local time.

Nintendo will have their press conference on Tuesday June 2nd at 9.00 AM PST, that’s 18.00 (6.00 PM) European time. Check for your local time.

Here are some details taken from

WHAT: Consumers responded to Nintendo this year, as evidenced by continued growth of the Wii™ home video game system, record-breaking sales of the Nintendo DS™ portable franchise and the introduction of the newest hand-held iteration, the Nintendo DSi™ system. Nintendo will provide information about upcoming products at its media briefing, which kicks off the year’s biggest video game event, the E3 Expo.


  • Mr. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo Co., Ltd., global president
  • Mr. Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president and chief operating officer
  • Ms. Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America executive vice president of Sales & Marketing

Sony will have theirs at 11.00 AM PST, or 20.00 (8.00 PM) European time, check for your local time.

Everything and more will be streamed live from different sources around the Web. According to the following sites will stream live:,, and You can also go to the same site for full coverage from E3 in LA.’s E3 Coverage Promo E3 Preview

Channel 9: The History of Microsoft – 1990 (video)

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

The History of Microsoft feature on is very cool. It gives you a brife history overview of Microsoft starting with 1975. This episode is for the year 1990, with the description of this show:

For Microsoft, 1990 is about communication as we announce the integration of voice messaging capabilities into Microsoft Mail for AppleTalk Networks. WinMail, a Windows version 3.0-based mail front end is available for internal use and Russian MS-DOS 4.01 is the first Microsoft product localized for the Soviet market.

The nominees for the Norwegian Game Award – Gullstikka 2008

Saturday, February 28th, 2009


On Thursday March 5, 2009 the Norwegian Game Award Gullstikka 2008 will take place. Since there is now official English name for the categories, I’ve translated them to the best of my knowledge. (Source: My Norwgian Blog)

Here is the list of the nominees:

Best Strategy
Civilization: Revolution (Firaxis Games/KE Media)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (EA LA/EA Norge)
Spore (Maxis/EA Norge)
Tom Clancy’s End War (Ubisoft/Ubisoft)

Best Adventure/RPG
Age of Conan (Funcom/Ubisoft)
Fable 2 (Lionhead Stuios/Microsoft Games Studios)
Fallout 3 (Bethesda/Ubisoft)
Final Fantasy Crisis Core (Square Enix/Ubisoft)

Best Childrens game
Englekræsj (Ravn Studio/Norsk Spill Distribusjon)
Josefine og Drømmespeielet (KREA/PAN Vision Norge)
Litlest Pet Shop (Hasbro/EA Norge)
Ungene i gata og Rocke-Ragnar (Minimedia/Norsk Spill Distribusjon)

Best Action game
Call of Duty: World of War (Treyarch/Activision Blizzard)
Gears of War 2 (Epic Games/Microsoft Games Studios)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar North/KE Media)
Metal Gear Solid 4 (Konami/PAN Vision Norge)

Best Racing game
Burnout Paradise (Criterion/EA Norge)
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue (Polyphony Digital/Nordisk Film)
Mario Kart (Nintendo/Bergsala)
Race Driver: Grid (Codemasters/Atari)

Best Sports game
FIFA 09 (EA Sports/EA Norge)
Football Manager 09 (SEGA/PAN Vision Norge)
NHL 09 (EA Sports/EA Norge)
Pro Evolution Soccer 09 (Konami/PAN Vision Norge)

Best Platformer
Little Big Planet (Media Molecule/Nordisk Film)
Mirrors Edge (DICE/EA Norge)
Prince Of Persia (Ubisoft/Ubisoft)
Tomb Raider (Eidos/Ubisoft)

Open Class
Guitar Hero: World Tour (Red Octane/Activision Blizzard)
Rock Band 2 (Harmonix/EA Norge)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Sora Nintendo/Bergsala)
Wii Fit (Nintendo/Bergsala)

Best Multiplayer game
Call of Duty: World at War (Treyarch/Activision Blizzard)
FIFA 09 (EA Sports/EA Norge)
Left 4 Dead (Valve/EA Norge)
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Blizzard/Activision Blizzard)

Best game with Norwegian language
Buzz TV Quiz (Relentless Software/Nordisk Film)
Little Big Planet (Media Molecule/Nordisk Film)
Resistance 2 (Insomniac Games/Nordisk Film)
Spore (Maxis/EA Norge)

Best Norwegian-developed game
Age of Conan (Funcom/Ubisoft)
Englekræsj (Ravn Studio/Norsk Spill Distribusjon)
Riding Club (Artplant/Norsk Spill Distribusjon)
Ungene i gata og RockeRagnar (Minimedia/Norsk Spill Distribusjon)

Best Cellphone game
Bejeweled 2 (iPhone)
Boom Blox (N-Gage)
Hero of Sparta (iPhone)
SimCity (iPhone/Java)

Best Retailer
Electroworld Sandvika
Elkjøp Megastore Karihaugen
Platekompaniet Oslo City

Critics Award
Braid (Number None Inc/Microsoft Games Studios)
Fable 2 (Lionhead Studios/Microsoft Games Studios)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar North/KE Media)
Little Big Planet (Media Molecule/Nordisk Film)

Best Handheld game
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (Square Enix/Ubisoft)
God of War: Chains Of Olympus (SCEA/Nordisk Film)
Ninja Gaiden DS (Eidos/Ubisoft)
Locoroco 2 (SCE Japan Stuido/Nordisk Film)

Best PC game
Age of Conan (Funcom/Ubisoft)
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (EA LA/EA Norge)
Fallout 3 (Bethesda/Ubisoft)
Football Manager 2009 (SEGA/PAN Vision Norge)

Best Console game
Fallout 3 (Bethesda/Ubisoft)
Gears of War 2 (Epic Games/Microsoft Games Studios)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar North/KE Media)
Little Big Planet (Media Molecule/Nordisk Film)

Game of the Year
Fallout 3 (Bethesda/Ubisoft)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar North/KE Media)
Little Big Planet (Media Molecule/Nordisk Film)
Metal Gear Solid 4 (Konami/PAN Vision Norge)

Community of the Year

Best Magazine/online site

translates to something like The Golden Stick.

The History of Microsoft – 1976 (Channel 9)

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

So The History of Microsoft continues with 1976.

Quote from Channel 9:

For Microsoft, 1976 was the first year with an official name, it was the first time Bill Gates raised the issue of piracy and we hired our first full-time employee Marc McDonald. 

The History of Microsoft – 1975 (Channel 9)

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Channel 9 has started a new show called History of Microsoft where they take each year from 1975 and later and go through, well, the history of Microsoft.

Here is a quote from the first episode on Channel 9:

Thirty-four years ago, a nineteen year old kid and his twenty-two year old business partner sold their first program to a little computer company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program was called BASIC, and it was the start of this company we call Microsoft.

And here is the video.

Xbox 360: Minor firmware update (aka HDMI audio fix)

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009


After the New Xbox Experience update last year, some have had problems with audio through HDMI. Microsoft  will fix this problem today with a minor firmware update that will fix this problem. (Source:

Luckily, I don’t have that problem, since my Xbox 360 lack HDMI.