Lik Sang’s sales of Sony PSP Consoles illegal in Europe

Earlier today I got a newsmail from Lik-Sang (a website I buy games from) stated that according to London High Court Judge Lik Sang’s sales of Sony PSP Consoles illegal. got a lawsuit against them from Sony last year. They where informed today that Sony “have obtained a judgment in the High Court of London ruling PSP sales of the popular web store to the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) unlawful“.

This mean that it can be hard(er) to import PSP to UK & EU. If this lawsuit prevent importing of PS3, is unknown. You can read the full pressreleas at

To me it seems a bit strange to stop sales of their own console. If you buy a PSP in your own country or import it, Sony will get your money, so they should be happy about. I can understand that they will have controll over where and when consoles/games are released. But if someone imports a game/console, it shows that people want it before it’s relesed in their own terretory. And that should be a good thing.

Why did they made PSP regionfree if you can’t buy the console it self or games for that matter from antoher region?