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October 31, 2006

New games

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Today I got two new games in the mail. It was Need For Speed: Carbon for Xbox 360 and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All for DS. The last one is an import from Play-Asia since it does not have an Norwegian release date and the US release is in January next year. But the Japanese version have English text, so it won’t be a problem. I will be back soon with my review of the games.

Xbox 360: Xbox Live Update

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The new update is here. So next time you log on to Xbox Live, you can update. There are some new visuals in the Dashboard. I like the feature of downloading Xbox Live Arcade games automaticly when they come out. Also, Arcade games count load a lot faster than before. And in places like Demos, videos etc. there is a new download button which take you to that place on market place. And we also get 1080p, ready for the HD DVD drive. For more info on what’s new, look at my post from yesterday (that’s the first one under this post).

Here’s a YouTube video a made to show the new, minor, visual changes.

October 30, 2006

Xbox 360: Xbox Live Update Novmber 2006

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So, tomorrow on October 31th, we get the Xbox Live update we been waiting for. This update have lot of new features. This is copied & pasted from

  • HD 1080p video mode support over VGA and component cables.
  • Xbox 360™ HD DVD Player support.
  • Stream WMV video from a Windows PC running Windows Media Player 11, Zune software, or Windows Media Connect.
  • Play video from storage devices such as USB flash drives, Xbox 360 Memory Units, etc.
  • Play video from CD or DVD data discs.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Headset support, including battery level indicator in the Xbox Guide.
  • Video support for 50 Hz HDTV modes (DVD and HD DVD only).
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Racing Wheel support.
  • Set up automatic downloads of newly released Xbox Live Arcade trial games.
  • Support for upcoming release of XNA Game Studio Express (separate download and subscription required.)
  • Stream music, pictures and video from a Zune device.

This was all the new features, you can read about the rest of the updates/importvements at All the updates and new features will make the day as an Xbox 360 owner easier.

October 28, 2006

Review: Trauma Center – Under the Knife (DS)

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So Trauma Center – Under the Knife came out a long time ago, but I’ve just got it and played it some. The game have 6 chapter with lot of operation in each. I’m just finished with the first chapter. You learn to use different tools to perform different tasks. Some operations are very easy, other are hard. More than one I ran out of time, that 5 minutes. Didn’t have a clue on what to do. But when I did it the second time, I had a lot of time to spare.

This is a fun game which you can play for 10-15 minutes at the time or an hour. Since you have 5 minutes on an operation and you have some time to spare, you can do just one operation. That’s one more operation before the lunch is over.

The graphic is manga stile, very stylistic, but it suits the game. Before each operation, you are told what’s wrong with the pasient. You also get chart for the pasient which tells the puls, hart rythm etc.

So, can I recomand the game? Yes I can.

At time of writting Play-Asia was out of stock of this came. But check them out for this game and other games.

October 24, 2006 Out of Business

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The Hong Kong based webshop, Lik-Sang, had to close today because of multiple legal actions brought against it by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited.

Quote from the press release:
As of today, will not be in the position to accept any new orders and will cancel and refund all existing orders that have already been placed. Furthermore, Lik-Sang is working closely with banks and PayPal to refund any store credits held by the company, and the customer support department is taking care of any open transactions such as pending RMAs or repairs and shipping related matters. The staff of Lik-Sang will make sure that nobody will get hurt in the crossfire of this ordeal.

Read the complete press release from

October 20, 2006

Lik Sang’s sales of Sony PSP Consoles illegal in Europe

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Earlier today I got a newsmail from Lik-Sang (a website I buy games from) stated that according to London High Court Judge Lik Sang’s sales of Sony PSP Consoles illegal. got a lawsuit against them from Sony last year. They where informed today that Sony “have obtained a judgment in the High Court of London ruling PSP sales of the popular web store to the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) unlawful“.

This mean that it can be hard(er) to import PSP to UK & EU. If this lawsuit prevent importing of PS3, is unknown. You can read the full pressreleas at

To me it seems a bit strange to stop sales of their own console. If you buy a PSP in your own country or import it, Sony will get your money, so they should be happy about. I can understand that they will have controll over where and when consoles/games are released. But if someone imports a game/console, it shows that people want it before it’s relesed in their own terretory. And that should be a good thing.

Why did they made PSP regionfree if you can’t buy the console it self or games for that matter from antoher region?

October 19, 2006

Nintendo Wii: Is pre-ordered

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I have now pre-ordered Nintendo Wii, inlcuding The Legend of Zelda:Twilighet Princess and Rayman Raving Rabbits (at the Norwegian web shop Komplett). I can’t wait for December 8th when the Wii is released in Europe. I’ve allready pre-ordered the Classic Controller from Play-Asia and thinking on pre-order some other controllers.

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