Retro Gamer #48

Retro Gamer issue 48 is now available. And this is what you can read in the latest edition of the magazine.

  • Back to the Eighties – April 1984
  • Back to the Nineties – July 1990
  • The Making of… Manic Miner
  • The Definitive 194X (1941/1942/1943/1944)
  • Developer Lookback – Electronic Atrs (part 3 of 3)
  • Retro shamer – Bad Street Brawler
  • The Making of… MDK
  • Retroinspection – Spectrum 128
  • The History of Command & Conquer
  • The Making of… Geometry: Wars Galaxies
  • Top 25 Spectrum games of All Time

You can buy the latest issue on Next issue (that’s number 49) is out on March 27.

Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday February 29, 2008

Two new Virtual Console games on Friday February 29.

Turbografx – 1990 by naxat soft – shooter – 1 player – 600 points – age 7+

Enter a world created by the mind of a twisted demon in this side-scrolling shooter!

Your soul has stumbled into the evil world that exists in evrybody’s heart. The only way out is to blast your way past the groteswue creatures that block your path in 5 causes (stages). You must face the dangers of this psychedelic world, making full use of 3 Shot types and a satellite option. With power-ups, you can change your Shot type to a wide-coverage Beam, a satellite-generated Laser and more. You can also block enemy fire by rotating the satellites to the desired position.

Will you have the skill to escape this strange and surreal world?

Super Turrican
Super Nintendo – 1993 by Factor 5 – action/adventure – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

You are Bren McGuire, on a United Planets Freedom Forces mission to save the peaceful planet Katakis from the Machine, source of all that is cruel and evil in the universe. The only weapon on your side is the state-of-the-art Turrican Assalt Suit.

Equipped with multiple weapons, including the incredible freeze-beam, that temporarily immobilizes almost any enemy, the Turrican Assault Suit gives one man the power of an entire army. Use the myriad of weapons and powers at your disposal to fight through 12 increasingly insane levels, free the innocent residents of the planet Katakis, and crush the oppressive Machine.

HD DVD: Sales around the world

After Toshiba said that they will stop producing HD DVD players, we have seen several price reductions on HD DVD movies. There are many sales on different websites, so you have to look around to see where you can get the best hot HD DVD deal.

Some of these sales are time limited, so they will go away, but new ones will probably rise. But I don’t det big firesale have started yet.

I have listed some websites/deals below from,,, Just click on the pictues.

Xbox 360: HD DVD add-on only $50

Microsoft have dropped the price for the HD DVD add-on for Xbox 360 to only $50. This follow the news the other day (read here) that Microsoft will discontinue the HD DVD player add-on.

The new price is already relfected on and

Here is the news from

Beginning today, in most regions, you can pick up the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for an estimated price of $49.99 /€49.99 (and equivalent local currencies).

  • Supports existing HD DVD movie discs (more than 400 titles currently available in the US and 1,000 internationally) – many of which are combo discs that also include the DVD versions of the film
  • Includes the Xbox 360 Media Remote Control (a $20 value – US ERP)
  • Includes the King Kong HD DVD (a $20 value – US ERP) (Available in North America Only)
  • Plays standard DVDs, allowing you to have a game and a movie ready to play at all times
  • Provides an additional USB port for your Xbox 360 and includes USB 2.0 cable