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January 31, 2007

DS – Hotel Dusk: Room 215

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I finaly got Hotel Dusk: Room 215 from Play-Asia. I haven’t been able to play that much yet. But I think I like the game. I have walked around the hotel, talked to some people and solved some puzzels. I have also keyed my self into my hotelroom. And guess what, it’s room 215. That room is offcourse the center of this game, and it’s you and me as the player – Kyle Hyde – to find out what have happened and what’s sp special about that room.

This is the story as written on
Kyle Hyde, a disgraced New York detective turned salesman, arrives at a run-down Los Angeles inn called Hotel Dusk. Once there, Kyle soon becomes involved in a 30-year-old mystery that involves lies, betrayal, kidnapping, and murder. And over the course of the night, he will also discover something very special about Room 215… a room that is said to grant wishes.

Hotel Dusk uses branching storylines to tell its tale, giving you many options for how to speak to people. Should you strong-arm the little girl in the hallway? Make nice to the hotel maid? Pretend to be interested in the manager’s rambling stories? It’s all up to you, but choose wisely. One false step could get you thrown out of the hotel and forever seal the mystery of what happened on that dark Christmas Eve so many years ago…

I’m looking forward to play the game.

(Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is also available from

January 26, 2007

Nintendo Wii: News Channel

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Nintendo launched the News Channel today, one day earlier than expected. Thanks to Nintendo.
The News Channel looks good and the interface is pretty easy to use. When you start the News Channel, you can choose from 7 different categories: Regional News, International News, Sports, Arts/Entertainment, Business, Sience/Health and Technology. Here you can also choose Slide show which shows a map and headlines of news. Press A to read the news. Easy.

It would be nice if you could choose the Globe from the Main menu. But to do that, you need to choose a news article and when that comes up, you can select the Globe. Then you can navigate that like you do with the Weather Channel globe. Select a city and read the news.

You can zoom in and out on the text useing the + and – keys and the text is very readable, even with the smallest fonts (at least on my TV).

It’s Associated Press (AP) that feed the news for Nintendo. They have a 2 year contract on doing that. The News Channel doesn’t update when you use it, bet it check for updates everytime you start the Channel. From what I have experienced, the news updates every 2 hours.

This is a real good Channel, and if they could put in the Globe selection in the Main menu, I would be very happy. Excellent work Nintendo.

Wii: Mario Kart 64 on Virtual Console

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Yet another Friday and new games on the Virtual Console for downloads here in Europe. Today we got Mario Kar 64 (N64) and Soldier Blade (Turbografx).

I’ve been waiting for Mario Kart 64 and downloaded it right away. I don’t think that I ever played the game on a real Nintendo 64, only on emulator. But I love the game.

The game plays well after all this years. It was released in 1996. You need either the Classic Controller or a GameCube controller. I have only had time to play some rounds with the game, but this is a game I will spend much time with.

Xbox 360: Xbox Live Vision camera

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I’ve tested the Xbox Live Vision camera for about 2 weeks now. It’s very good. It’s fun to play UNO and see the people you play against. You can also use it with videochat, but I haven’t tried that yet.

You can also use it on a Windows PC. It says that you just plug in the USB and it will find the driver. Well, it’s not that easy. You have to play around a bit before you get it to work. I’ve tested it with MSN Live and it works great.

I got my copy from

January 25, 2007

PS3: Playstation 3 launch in Europe on March 23

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Sony has just confirmed in a pressconference that the PlaySation 3 will launch in Europe on March 23. This is the 60 GB version with WiFi. It will cost GBP 425 / EUR 599. Sony will try to have 1 million console avaible on launch day and it will be more than 30 games to choose from. The 20 GB version will not be avaible at launch, but may come available at a later time.

PS3 will launch in all PAL regions, meaning Europe, Middel-East, Africa and Australasia.


January 12, 2007

Freeloader for GameCube/Wii

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The most common Freeloader (v1.06B) worked on all GameCubes. It didn’t matter if it was a US, Japanese or European GameCube, the same disc worked on all. But then, the Wii was launched and the disc wouldn’t work on the US or European Wii. Datel have now fixed the problems with a updated versions for all each region. The Freeloader will only play imported GameCube games, but we all hope Datel will make a Freeloader to play imported Wii games. But we have to wait for that.

You can get the Freeloader from Play-Asia. They have all versions, just click the right link below:
FreeLoader (PAL Version)
FreeLoader (US Version)
FreeLoader (Japanese Version)

Here’s the Freeloader compatibility chart from Play-Asia:

January 11, 2007

Update week on consoles

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On Tuesday Xbox 360 got a minor update. The Dashboard didn’t get any new functions, but it was to fix some bugs and make it more stable. The Dashboard is now up to version 2.0.4552.0.
Wii also got a small update on Wednesday (Europe only). I haven’t seen a list of what was updated, but I guess it was to fix some bugs. The version went from 2.0E to 2.1E.

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