Virtual Console: Dragon’s Curse

Europe got three new VC games today:

  • Dragon’s Curse – Turbografx (600 points)
  • The Legend of Mystical Ninja – SNES (800 points)
  • Punh-Out!! – NES (500 points)

I’ve download Dragon’s Curse, since that’s one of the best games on Sega Master System, but it’s known under the name Wonder Boy 3: The Dragon’s Trap. I’ve test the Turbografx version some minutes, and the first thing you notice between the Master System and the Turbografx is that the Turbografx version have a bit crisper graphics and richer sound. That has to do with that Turbografx was 16-bit and Master System only 8-bit. I’ve read that the two versions are almost identical, except from some name and text changes I think it was.

I have to say that these 600 points it’s probably the best spend points you can use on Virtual Console, since this game is absolutly amazing. It has great graphics, it’s big and it’s a sort of platform-RPG. So go and download it.

Here’s a qoute on what it says about the game on Wii Shop:
With it’s dying breath, the Mecha Dragon cast a spell upon you – transforming you into an ugly, fire-spitting lizard – and so begins Dragon’s Curse, the Turbografx action-RPG from 1990.

This side-scrolling action RPG is non-linear, allowing you to venture freely. Collect gold and items while upgradeing equipment and powering-up stats. The hero starts as Lizard-Man, but upon defeating the dragon bosses changed into other creatures such as Mose-Man, Piraha-Man, Tiger-Man and Hwak-Man. Each creature possesses disticnt abilities such as the ability to fly, swim, walk on ceilings or cling to walls.

Use each creature’s special skills to widen your search for the Salamander Cross to bring the hero back to his human form!


20% OFF all in-stock items – Valid only from Friday, March 30th until Thursday, April 5th.

You get 20% off all in-stock items at the next week. If your lucky, you can get quite a bargin. Here is sometime worth looking at:

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player (Japanese) – US$ 135.92

Nintendo DS Lite (Ice Blue) – 110V – US$ 159.92

Jump Ultimate Stars (DS) – US$ 39.12

Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Chinkon Uta – US$ 39.12

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All – US$ 23.92

Freeloader – US$ 15.92

Gears of War – US$ 35.92

Prey – US$ 19.92

PSP PlayStation Portable – Champagne Gold (PSP-1000CG) – US$ 159.92

PSP firmware update v3.30

It was reported eariler today that a firmware update for Sony’s PSP was available for download in Japan. Now it’s also up in US as I have updated my US PSP, I’m not sure if it up in Europe yet.

This is what version 3.30 gives you:

  • Support for displaying thumbnails for items has been added under [RSS Channel].
  • Support for PLAYSTATION Network titles has been expanded.
  • The size of videos that can be played under [Video] has been increased.
  • Support for displaying thumbnails for content saved in the “VIDEO” folder of a Memory Stick has been added under [Video].

According to the Google translated Japanese Playstation page, the PSP can now play video in 720×480, 352×480, 480×272. PSPs native resolution is 480×272. It also seems that the guidelines for the browser and the RSS are updates.

I will update if the European/US gives more info on this update.

Xbox 360 Elite

After weeks of speculations, it’s now official; Microsoft is launching Xbox 360 Elite. The Elite will be out in US and Canada on April 29th and will cost you US$479.99. The rest of the world with get it sometime this summer. The Elite will have a 120GB harddrive and HDMI. It will also inlcude both an HDMI and component cables. It’s black and so is the controller.

The 120GB HDD will be sold separate at US$179. It will come with a transfer cable so you can migrate your old HDD to your new one. Microsoft will also release black controllers, Black Rechargeable Battery Pack and Black Play & Charge Kit.

If you go to you can see a 5 minute video interview with Albert Penello about the new Elite. He is also featured in a 30 minute interview with Major Nelson podcast.

Here’s some picture that I got from Major Nelson’s flickr page:

Xbox Live Service Maintenance

Xbox Live will be down for 14 hours tomorrow (March 27) for service mainenance. Microsoft will upgrade hardware, software etc., but this is not a dashboard update. Even though I think they will prepare for the Spring update that will come later.

Live, and forums will be down from 00.00 to 14.00 PT (Pacific Time), that’s 09.00 to 23.00 CET (Central European Time) for you and me in Europe.

Major Nelson had a post on this on his blog and he also talked about it in his latest blogcast (#218).

Summer time (Daylight saving time)

Today, Sunday March 25th, we in Norway and all of Europe (not Iceland) get into summer time, or Daylight saving time. At 02.00 CET (Central European Time or GMT+1) we will adjust the clock one hour forward to 03.00.

The Daylight saving time was first mentioned as an idea in 1784 by Benjamin Franklin. But it wasn’t until the World War I in 1916 that Daylight saving time was used in a lot of European countries.

For more info on summer time/Daylight saving time, look at the article.

Playstation 3: The European launch

The PS3 was launched today in PAL countries. That’s Europe, Australia and New Zealand to you and me.

Australia: At the official launch event at Myer’s Pitt Street store, only 40 persons was standing in line at midnight. So PS3 is probably not a hot cake in Australia. (Source:

Norway: Fewer than assumed showed up at the retailer who held open at midnight. (Source:

UK: At the London launch event, over 100 persons who bought the PS3 also got a free 46-inch HDTV and a taxi home. This cost Sony over £250.000. (Source: links:
PlayStation 3 launch titles
PlayStation Store

PS3 60GB prices:
Norway – 6000 NOK (around US$985)
UK – £425 (around US$836)
Euro – €599 (around US$798)
Australia – AU$1000 (around US$809)

I think we have to wait some days to know how many PS3 was sold on launchday.

PS3 also got a firmware update, to version 1.6.