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September 26, 2006

Nintendo Wii: Opera is FREE!

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Today Opera Software announced that Opera for the Wii will be avaible for free download from the Wii Shop Channel until June 2007. As of July 2007 the Opera web browser can be purchase for Wii points, the price is yet to be announced.

The announcement states that “Opera for Wii boasts the same complete standards support as the Opera 9 Desktop browser”.

For the full pressrelease, got to

September 19, 2006

Once again…

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I hoped it never did, but once again it happened to me. By Xbox 360 died again! I saw some symptoms last friday some hours after I connected my second wireless controller If the new controller had anything to do with the disease my 360 got, I don’t know. Only an autopsy will tell. The Xbox froze after just some minutes playing. And through weekend, it got worse.

When I tried today, without memorycard or harddrive, it finaly died after a tough weekend. Three red lights. I tried contacting MS support, but since it’s the evening, I din’t get through. So I will try again tomorrow.

This was the third time an Xbox 360 has died on me, that’s bad. But I realy like the 360, it’s great console. But the healht could have been better.

UPDATE (Sept.20th): Got in contact with the support today. The guy I talked to said it was close to a scandal that it happened to me again. So this time they will send me a brand new Xbox, and I will probably also get a game or something in compensation.

September 17, 2006

Retro Gamer #29

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I got the new issue of Retro Gamer #29 this weekend, and this is some of what you can read:

  • The Making of… Samurai Warrior
  • The Spectrum Legends
  • Ghosts ‘n Goblins
  • The Classic Game: Alien 3
  • Retroinspection: Oric-1
  • Developer Lookback: Coding Back the Years

And as always, there are lots of other small and bigger articels to enjoy.

September 15, 2006

Nintendo Wii – Eupore Launch

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Wii will launch on December 8th this year in Europe. It will cost €249/£179 and the games at €49-59/£34-39. There will be around 15-20 games available at launch. So this will be a great Christmas.

The Wii launchs in Australia on December 7th at AU$399.95.

One thing I haven’t mention in earlier posts, is that Wii is region free. This means at least that Nintendos games can be played in any region, and third-party titles will probably do the same. [UPDATE] There seems to be a bit confusion about if Wii is region free or not. There have been reports of both. So when there is a pressrelease about this, I will post the news.
[UPDATE: 20/9] So the Wii isn’t region free after all, to bad.

September 14, 2006

Nintendo Wii – System Preview

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The information in this post is based on what you find at Nintendo of Japan. Since that page is in Japanese, I used Altavistas Bable Fish to make an understandable translation. Some of the headlines is mine and not the official ones. Alot of the features use the WiiConnect24 function.

Virtual Console
You will be able to play a lot of Nintendos previously games here. You can buy the games with you credit card or pre-paid cards. The price list is as follow: NES 500 Yen, SNES 800 Yen and N64 1000 Yen. By the end of this year, 30 titles will be avaible and on avarage 10 new titles will be made downloadable each month.

Wii Channel
The Wii will offer different “channels”. Web surfing, weather info and Virtual Console games will each be a channel for you to select.

Photo Channel
Since the Wii have a SD port, you can put your memorycard from your camera and wivew the pictures on TV. You can even manupilate the pictures, take bit and pices from one picture and stamp it in another. The pictures can be sendt to your friends and I guess this feature will be used in some games too.

Weather Channel
With this channel you get the weather forecast not only for your area, but for the whole World.

News Channel
Here you will get the latest news.

Internet Channel
Opera can be downloaded. The price is not know at this point. The Wii-mote makes it easy to surf.
Wii Message Board
You can write messages and send it to other Wii users, including pictures. There’s also a calendar so you can write important memos you need to remember. On the bulletin board you will get news from Nintendo and other publishers.Mii
This is your digital self (avatar). You make your own character and can tweak everything from haair colour, face and body shape to the colour of your dress. This, I guess, will be assosiated with your profile on the Wii. The character may be used in various games (Wii Sports as seen on E3). From the video, it looks like you can go around and meet other people.

More information and videos can be found at

Nintendo Wii – Release info

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At last!

The release date for Nintendo Wii is November 19 for North America and December 2 for Japan (Europe will get the date tommorow). So when you pay $249.99 (or 25,000 yen) you get a Wii console with a Wii controller nunchick attachment, Wii AC adaptor, Wii A/V cable, Wii console stand, sensor bar, sensor bar stand and two AA batteries. A copy of Wii Sports is also packed in.

There will be 25 different games available by the end of this year, 16 at launch (a according to NoJ). First pary titles (by Nintendo) will cost you $49.99. For the Virtual Console thre will be 30 titles downloadable at launch. They will be price $5 and $10 (about the same as Aracde Live titles). And 10 new Virtual Console titles will be released every month.

For more interesting information, go to Nintendo of Japans Wii Preview information site. It’s all in Japanese, but you will understand the pictures and videos.

(Source: IGN, Advancedmn, Nintendo)

September 13, 2006

Nintendo Wii

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There are lot of rumours these days about when the Wii will launch. My guess is that it will launch in the US and Japan by the end of October and in Europe and Australia in mid November. But this is pure speculation by me. Wii will probably know by the end of this week.

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