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December 1, 2006

One week left

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December 1. and one week until we in Europe get Nintendo Wii. I’m looking forward to that. Almost all my extra controller are on its way to me. Play-Asia confirmed today that all accessories will work fine on all Wii. You can can buy Japanese version of the controllers and use them on US and European Wii’s and the other way around. But games are region locked, and so are the Wii point.

I’ve bought the 5000 Wii point card + Classic Controller, but it looks like I have to sell the Wii point card on eBay to some lucky Japanese. It’s not a big loss, since the Classic Controller in Norway cost about $12 less than the Japanese Wii point + CC deal ($59.90). And I guess I will sell the Wii point card on eBay for more than $12. You see, the Classic Controller in Norway cost (299 NOK) $47, in US only $19.90.

I’ve seen one Wii comercial in this weeks Donald Duck magazine.

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