Xbox 360: IPTV

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is now in Las Vegas, the biggest electronic show of the year. New information is coming in all the time. And one of the most interesting today is that XBox 360 will get IPTV. There is not much information yet, only that it will come sometime around Christmas 2007 (at the moment probably only in US). You can read a bit more (not much more) on and Since the 360 will act as a DVR, it’s means that a bigger harddrive will be available. The last week we’ve heard a lot of rumours about the Xbox 360 v2 with bigger HDD and HDMI connector.

Microsofts own blogging site have a nice 9 minutes video of Carbon interface (IPTV on 360). Take a look.

If you don’t know what IPTV, you can read about it on Wikipedia.

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