Edge File #2

Edge start some month ago to reprint some of their best features, reviews, interviews from the early days. Volum 1 had articles from Edge issue 1-12 (1993-94). This edition is sadly sold out and not available anymore. You can get it on eBay though, but it’s sold for tribbel the price.

I ordered Edge File 2 and a couple of days after, they where sold out. Issue 2 have feature, interview, reviews and more from Edge issue 13-24 (1994-95). It’s a 260 page issue. Here’s a list of some of the articles:

  • News – Playstation: Sony revel gameplan
  • News – Sega on track with Saturn
  • News – Neo-Geo CD hits the street
  • Testscreen – Doom II: Hell on Earth
  • Feature – Sega Saturn
  • News – Nintendo pins hopes on Virtual Boy
  • Feature – Playstation: Sony’s bid for power
  • Testscreen – Ridge Racer
  • Testscreen – Vitua Fighter
  • Feature – Atari: from boom to dust and back again
  • Testscreen Toh Shin Den
  • News – Jaguar plugs into the CD revolution
  • Feature – Wipeout
  • Feature – 3DO: The story so far
  • An audience with: Shigeru Miyamoto
  • Feature – M2: 3DO’s second coming
  • Feature – Motion Capture

That’s a long list, but you get much more than that. I look forward to read the magazine. Edge File doesn’t give you anything new. But if you didn’t buy Edge in early-mid 90ies, the Edge File is a treasure.

You can’t get Edge File 2, it’s sold out. But here’s a heads up. Issue 3 of the Edge File is out on March 1, and covers issue 25-36 (1995-96). Check out MyFavouriteMagazines.co.uk around that date to order you copy. I will.