Nintendo Wii: Everybody Vote Channel

This was a big suprise and came out of nowhere. Today Nintendo released the Everybody Vote Channel. On the release day, there are four polls.

  • How do you prefer your eggs? (Boiled/Fried)
  • Which do you prefer? (Eating/Sleeping)
  • You have some free time. What do you do? (Go out and party/Stay home and relex)
  • Do you prefer dogs or cats? (Dogs/Cats) (Worldwide polls)

When you participate in a poll, you first select what you like and then you select what you think the final result will be. When the polls are over, you get points according to your votes/predictions. And you can see how tuned you are with the rest of population.
You can have up to 6 Wii voters and there are both national and worldwide polls. You can even write in to Nintendo and sugest and idea for a poll.

So is this usefull? At the moment, no. But it’s fun and free.