Xbox Live Arcade: Worms

The day have finaly come. You can now download Worms on XBLA for 800 points. And it’s worth it.

I remember playing Worms on Amiga many years ago and the game is still fun. The graphics in HD and you can play up to four people online which is great.

The levels are generated right before you start to play, so you will never play exactly the same level. In Singel player you can choose Quick Play and choose between three difficutly settings: Beginner, Intermetiate and Pro. In Quick Play you play one leve. Then you have training which is usefull if you have never played Worms before. Or for anyone else, since you do get an Archivement to play it. And the last mode in Singel Player is Challanges which get harder for each level.

The most interresting part of Worms is the Multiplayer. You can play Local Game with up to four players. Or you can play on internet in Xbox Live Game with up to four players. You can choose between Quick Match, Custom Match (both ranked and player macth) and you can start a match either with Create Match or Private Match.

I think Worms will be a hit on Xbox Live Arcade.

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