Edge File #3

I got Edge File #3 in the mail this week. Edge File is very popular and get seld out very quickly. 12 hours after I ordered my copy online, it was sold out.

Edge File #3 have features, reviews and interviews from Edge issue 25-36 (1995-96), and this is some of what you can read:

  • Testscreen: Wipeout
  • Feature: All This and M2: First Step Or Last Chance For 3DO?
  • Testscreen: Yoshi’s Island – Super Mario World 2
  • An Aduience With: Phil Harrison
  • Feature: M3
  • Feature: Dangerous Games (Videogame violence)
  • Testscreen: Virtua Fighter 2
  • Testscreen: Hexen
  • Testscreen: Pulstar
  • Feature: Nintendo’s Ultramen
  • Testscreen: Sega Rally
  • Techview: Eidos
  • Feature: Ocean
  • Testscreen: Civilization 2
  • Feature: Project Psynergy
  • Testscreen: Resident Evil
  • prescreen: Super Mario 64
  • Feature: Microsoft (w/DirectX 2.0)
  • Feature: Nintendo’s Day Of Reckoning
  • Testscreen: Super Mario 64
  • Testscreen: Pilotewings 64
  • Testscreen: NiGHTS into Dreams

A long list and there is more. Next issue is out April 26. If you can’t get it in you local shop, goto MyFavouriteMagazine.co.uk and check it out. It’s nowmaly available online a couple of days after it’s release. But check it often, since it sells out in hours.

I also had to scan this image of a younger Phil Harrison with hair: