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March 22, 2007

Edge File #3

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I got Edge File #3 in the mail this week. Edge File is very popular and get seld out very quickly. 12 hours after I ordered my copy online, it was sold out.

Edge File #3 have features, reviews and interviews from Edge issue 25-36 (1995-96), and this is some of what you can read:

  • Testscreen: Wipeout
  • Feature: All This and M2: First Step Or Last Chance For 3DO?
  • Testscreen: Yoshi’s Island – Super Mario World 2
  • An Aduience With: Phil Harrison
  • Feature: M3
  • Feature: Dangerous Games (Videogame violence)
  • Testscreen: Virtua Fighter 2
  • Testscreen: Hexen
  • Testscreen: Pulstar
  • Feature: Nintendo’s Ultramen
  • Testscreen: Sega Rally
  • Techview: Eidos
  • Feature: Ocean
  • Testscreen: Civilization 2
  • Feature: Project Psynergy
  • Testscreen: Resident Evil
  • prescreen: Super Mario 64
  • Feature: Microsoft (w/DirectX 2.0)
  • Feature: Nintendo’s Day Of Reckoning
  • Testscreen: Super Mario 64
  • Testscreen: Pilotewings 64
  • Testscreen: NiGHTS into Dreams

A long list and there is more. Next issue is out April 26. If you can’t get it in you local shop, goto and check it out. It’s nowmaly available online a couple of days after it’s release. But check it often, since it sells out in hours.

I also had to scan this image of a younger Phil Harrison with hair:

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