Playstation 3: The European launch

The PS3 was launched today in PAL countries. That’s Europe, Australia and New Zealand to you and me.

Australia: At the official launch event at Myer’s Pitt Street store, only 40 persons was standing in line at midnight. So PS3 is probably not a hot cake in Australia. (Source:

Norway: Fewer than assumed showed up at the retailer who held open at midnight. (Source:

UK: At the London launch event, over 100 persons who bought the PS3 also got a free 46-inch HDTV and a taxi home. This cost Sony over £250.000. (Source: links:
PlayStation 3 launch titles
PlayStation Store

PS3 60GB prices:
Norway – 6000 NOK (around US$985)
UK – £425 (around US$836)
Euro – €599 (around US$798)
Australia – AU$1000 (around US$809)

I think we have to wait some days to know how many PS3 was sold on launchday.

PS3 also got a firmware update, to version 1.6.