Xbox 360 Elite

After weeks of speculations, it’s now official; Microsoft is launching Xbox 360 Elite. The Elite will be out in US and Canada on April 29th and will cost you US$479.99. The rest of the world with get it sometime this summer. The Elite will have a 120GB harddrive and HDMI. It will also inlcude both an HDMI and component cables. It’s black and so is the controller.

The 120GB HDD will be sold separate at US$179. It will come with a transfer cable so you can migrate your old HDD to your new one. Microsoft will also release black controllers, Black Rechargeable Battery Pack and Black Play & Charge Kit.

If you go to you can see a 5 minute video interview with Albert Penello about the new Elite. He is also featured in a 30 minute interview with Major Nelson podcast.

Here’s some picture that I got from Major Nelson’s flickr page: