Virtual Console: Neo Geo games this Summer

We already known for a while that Neo Geo games would make an apperance on Virtual Console on Nintendo Wii, but we didn’t know when. We do know. It will come mid-summer, world wide.

Here’s a quote from an interview with Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore USA:
IGN: A huge one on everyone’s mind is price per download. What do you think of current prices, and where will we see Neo Geo games fitting in? Are they going to top the price of N64 titles, or be about on par?

Herman: With NES at essentially $5 and Super NES at $8, we’ll be putting our games at just a little above the Super NES point.

IGN: When will we see Neo Geo games hit the VC, and what regions are going to be getting them first?

Herman: We’re aiming for a worldwide release, so that it’s available for all regions at once. As far as the date, we’re looking to start releasing games around mid-summer of this year.“