Wii Virtual Console – new games, Friday April 20th

I haven’t been good on updating new Virtual Console games on the Wii, but will try to do better. So here is the weeks new games for European Wii owner.

Lylat Wars (aka. StarFox)
Nintendo 64 – 1000 points
“Andross has launched an all-out attack on the Lylat System, and only Fox McCloud and the Star Fox team stand in his way. Jump into your Arwin fighter, Landmaster thank ir Blue Marine sub, and blast Andcross’s forces into atoms!”

Donkey Kong Jr. Math
NES – 500 points
“Join Donkey Kong Jr. for a maths lesson with a difference! In this educational NES game, swing and jump around the stage, collecting numbers and symbols to calculate the correct figure displayed by Donkey Kong.”