Wii Virtual Console – new games (PAL), Friday April 27th 2007

This is the new games we in Europe can download on Virtual Console today:

Mighty Bomb Jack
NES – 1992 by Tecmo – 500 points
“The great King Pamera, his Queen and the fair Princess have been kidnapped by the evil demon Belzebut and imprisoned in his cursed pyramid. Jack’s elder brother braved the pyramid to try and rescue them, but not one of them has returned since. Only Jack remains. He summons all his courage and steps forth into the pyramid himself…”

Final Fight
Super Nintendo – 1992 by Capcom – 800 points
“Jessica had it all. She was the doughter of former wrestling star and mayor of Metro City. Mike Haggar and girlfriend to Cody Travers, one of the coolest and toughest boys around. But now she has been mysteriously kidnapped!”

Battle Lode Runner
Turbografx – 1993 by Hudson Soft – 600 points
“This upgraded edition to the famous “Lode Runner” series include a 5 player versus mode. A large amount of gold has been stolen from the Time Machine Research Centre, and the group responsible has used a time machine to escape and hide the gold throughout time. The Centre has sent an elite team of “Runners” out to retrive the stolen gold.”