HD movies you may want to buy

HDTV are very common in USA and Europe is getting closer. And we have started to buy the next generation DVD players, aka HD DVD or Blue-ray. But what to see on hour new and expensive hardware?

I have found two, for me, must have titles. It’s Planet Earth and The Ultimate Matrix Collection. This titles will look real good on your HDTV and the bigger screen, the better. I will buy the HD DVD version since I got the HD DVD player for Xbox 360.

Here’s info of where to get it (remember that HD DVD is regionfree).

Planet Earth
Amazon.com (HD DVD version)
Amazon.com (Blue-ray version)
Amazon.co.uk (Blue-ray, US version)
Amazon.co.uk (HD DVD, not available yet)

The Ultimate Matrix Collection
Amazon.com (HD DVD, 5 disc version)

The Complete Matrix Trilogy
Amazon.com (HD DVD, 3 disc version