Wii: Virtual Console – PAL (Europe) – Friday May 11th

This weeks Virtual Console games in Europe:

NES Open Tournament Golf
NES – 1992 by Nintendo – 1-2 players – sport – 500 points
“In NES Open Tournament Golf, choose from three international courses – UK, US and Japan – and thre different game types – Stroke Play, Match Play and Tournament.

Set up your shot on the overhead map screen by choosing the correct club and adjust for wind speed and direction, then switch to the action screen and make your shot using careful timing!”

Ninja Spirit
Turbografx – 1990 by Irem Soft – 1-2 players – action – 600 points
“Ninja Spirit is a side-scrolling action game that amaezed the gaming world with its precision graphics and quality gameplay. Play as the ninja Moonlight, engaged in a fierce battle to avenge his father’s death and unlock the secrets of his birth.

Select between the original Aracde Mode and PC-Engine Mode, which includes a life gauge. Use four types of weapons:kusarigama, katana, shuriken and bombs to battle your way through the enemies. Grab power-up items and switch between weapns to give yourself an advantage, You’ll need to consider the enemy’s attack and your weapon’s ability in order to deftly make it through all seven stages.”