Summer Smoothie: 20% off ALL in-stock items now have 20% off all in-stock items. The offer ends Thursday, July 12th 2007 and apply to all in-stock products, but not products released the last 30 days or items that are on pre-order.

Here’s pressrelease:
Did everyone enjoy the Lucky Summer Sale? Well gather round, because we’re very happy to announce another special promotion for our customers. Play-Asia’s Summer Smoothie is here to quench your entertainment thirst, plus it tastes great too! From now until Friday, July 12th, the Summer Smoothie promotion will commence with massive savings on all items for our regular and new customers alike.
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Looks good, tastes great! Don’t forget, this offer is strictly limited until July 12th and only applies to products that are presently “in-stock” at Play-Asia. In other words, some offers will expire quickly, while others will be added during stock arrival on every single day. Get in quickly to avoid disappointment!
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So, happy shopping.