E3 – Mircosoft’s press conference

Microsoft will be the first to kick-off the E3 press conferences. It start at 8.30pm PDT (Los Angeles time) or 05.30am CET (Central European Time).

I will try to blog live if I manage. I’m watching live stream online from IGN.com, Gamespot.com and G4.com.

Keywords of what’s happening:

  • Petter More opens the show
  • Viva Pinata – Party Animal (trailer)
  • Mass effect (trailer) – comming November
  • They showing a bunch of trailers (can’t write them all)
  • Jeff Bell enters (visepresident of international marketing)
  • He talks about Seen it? and a new controller (like the Buzz for PS2)
  • Naruto – Rise of a Ninja trailer
  • Reggie Bush enters, play Madden ’08 with Bell
  • There is 7 million Xbox Live members (a new member every 8 seconds since last E3)
  • 45 mill. game downloads
  • Xbox Live Arcade trailers: Bomberman Live, Hexic 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, War worlds, Sensible soccer, Wing Commander, Track & Field, Spyglass broad game, Golden Axe, Tetris Splash, Boku Suduko (and some more, probably lot of spelling mistakes, since they came fast)
  • Sonic the Hedgehoge and Golden Axe are availbe to download today
  • 2000 hours of video on Markedplace, 500 hours of HD
  • Users have used $125 mill. on download content since the 360 launch
  • Disney Classic movies is comming to Xbox Live Markedplace, will be available do download to night in HD (in US)
  • HD video download is comming to Canda and Europe this fall
  • Elite is comming to Europe August 24th
  • Shane Kim (vise president) enters the scene
  • They are playing PGR4 on the scene
  • Lost Odyssey trailer
  • Games for Windows: Viva Pinata and Gears of War (comming this holiday)
  • Cliffy B. lead designer of Gears of War enter to show the game
  • Peter More get back on stage
  • Sega, Eidos, THQ signed on to Games for Windows Live
  • Games for Windows trailers: Flight Simulator X, Bee Movie Game, Hellgate: London, Stranglehold, Gears of War, BioShock, Crysis, Blacksite: Area 51, Lost Planet, Kane & Lynch,Zoo Tycoon 2, Viva Pinata (and others, to fast to type)
  • Call of Dudty 4: Modern Warfare – trailer (360/Windows) – two of the designer show the game on stage. A beta version will be available online.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV – trailer (comes to US and Europe in October)
  • Moore talks about Japanese developers supporting Xbox 360
  • Resident Evil 5 trailer (the game is comming next year)
  • Assassin’s Creed is beeing played buy the Ubisoft developers
  • They are showing a Halo 3 short trailer
  • Halo 3 special edition console comming this Fall (it’s green)
  • More Halo 3 trailer
  • The show is over

My first reaction is that it was an OK press conference. There where no big suprices, but more of confirmation that we may have heard roumers about or thougt would be announced to night (or morning, depends on where you live).