E3: Nintendo’s press conference

Nintendo’s press conference starts 9.00am PDT (Los Angeles time) or 18.00 CET (Eurpean Central Time). Spellingmistakes may happen.

I will try to blog live, while watching GameSpot’s live stream.

  • The show starts with a vidoe montage of Wii, DS and newsclips
  • Reggie welcome us
  • Game growth is up 50% in US, 42% in UK, 114% in Japan
  • 69% of game industry growth comes from Nintendo
  • 2002: 70% home consoles, 30% portable
  • 2007: 50-50
  • The gaming audince is getting older (more people play videogame), and more female gamers are joining
  • Nintendo games appeal to a wider audience
  • DS is selling 40 million units worldwide
  • Wii sold out worldwide for 33 weeks
  • “Nintendo is the future”
  • US: 60 Wii games, 300 DS games
  • More news clip
  • Wii-zapper is presented (to hold Wii-mote and Nunchuck) – retail price $19.99
  • Showing some Wii games
  • Super Smash Brawl – US launch December 3rd
  • Video showing the community
  • DS: Talk and show of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Wii: Metroid Prime 3
  • Video (news clip) showing Nintendo online features
  • 5.5 million DS users have been online
  • 5.6 million game downloads on Wii Shop Channel
  • WiiWare – new downloadable content, comming next year
  • Check Mii Out – a new channel, vote on other Mii’s
  • Madden NFL 08 and FIFA Soccer 08 – will be online game, Dragon Quest
  • Mario Kart online, comming in Q1 next year (Wii-Wheel will come package with the game)
  • New video showing people play Wii and DS
  • Satoru Iwata (president of Nintendo) enters the stage – talks about what atracts players
  • Vision: “Destroy the pshycological barries between new and hardcore players, games are for everybody.”
  • Another video showing family play
  • Brain Age 2 – August 20th in US
  • Super Mario Galaxy – November 12th in US
  • Highschool Musical – DS & Wii
  • Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 – Wii
  • My Word Coach – DS
  • My Life Coach – DS
  • Video showing the Wii gaming is healthy
  • Wii Fit – exercise game (comes with a Wii-balance board)
  • Shingeru Myamoto enters the stage
  • Myamoto talks about Wii Fit
  • Reggie’s BMI is 27.51
  • The show ends with a new video real

It was and OK show. No supprises. I realy look forward to see more of Mario Kart and Mario Galaxy.

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