E3 2007 is over

So E3 2007 was over on Friday 13th. It have been a great week starting with Microsft press conference followed by Nintendo and Sony. The conferences was OK, nothing spectacular and no big surprises.

Last years E3 was all about hardware. The PS3 and Wii wasn’t out yet and Xbox 360 was the only next generation console on the marked. They showed what the console could do, and we was amazed.

This years E3 was about the software. Wii does it well with it’s inovative controller and are realy a winner among the casual gamer, from the younger sister and brother to your grandparents. The games are for the new to the average gamer, so we see a lot of games that are focusing around minigames that everyone can pick up and play. And that’s great, but I do miss some games for the hardcore gamer and for the gamers that have been playing Nintendo games since the 80’s. But the horizon is looking bright, with Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers Brawl – all for the Wii. And I have to include The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the that is already out in Japan, but will get it’s release in US and Europe later this fall.

For Sony and Microsoft, it’s about horsepower. Their consoles are way a head of Wii in performance and they will utilize that in full whit deliver us games with amazing graphics and realstic physics. The games that where shown proves that. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 are almost equal in performance, but I do think that Microsoft is winning with it’s better integration of it’s online service. But Sony is catching up.

Some PC games also showed what DX10 (DirectX 10) can deliver and some of the videos was nothing more than amazing.

So I wasn’t in LA at E3, but in my hometown in Norway. I read the news on the internet, stayed up late to see Microsoft press conferance online, and I also watch the Nintendo and Sony. I’ve downloaded about 15GB of video and have only managed to watch some of it. So I will have a lot to look forward to the next days when I make in down the digital video pile.

This concludes my coverage of this years E3, but I will probably post some post-E3 news when I find something interresting in the videos.

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