Peter Moore is leaving Microsoft

This news came out of the blue today; Peter Moore is leaving Microsoft. Moore will move back to Northern California with his family. Moore’s new job will be as president for EA’s sport division.

Here’s some paragrafs from the press release posted on

“Peter has contributed enormously to the games business since joining Microsoft in 2003 and we are sad to see him go,” said Robbie Bach, president of Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft. “Since that time, he presided over the global launch of the Xbox 360™, spearheaded a revitalized and rebranded Games for Windows business, and helped steer the console’s ascent.”
Moore has decided to return with his family to Northern California, where they lived until he took the position at Microsoft. Moore will remain at Microsoft to assist in the transition through August and will then return to the San Francisco Bay area.

[UPDATE]: MajorNelson has posted a podcast interview with Peter Moore.