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September 12, 2007

Games I’ve pre-ordered

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There are lot of good games coming this fall. And I think that I may have to spend some money on buying them. Here’s my list of games that I have pre-ordered or will in the very near feature.

Below, I have picture of covers, release dates (in Europe/US/JP) and links to where you can buy the games. Some games is already out in some parts of the world.

Super Paper Mario (Wii)
Europe: September 14, 2007

US: April 9, 2007

Japan: April 19, 2007

Project Gotham Racing 4 (Xbox 360)
Europe: October 12, 2007

US: October 2, 2007

Japan: October 11, 2007

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)
Europe: October 19, 2007

US: October 1, 2007

Japan: June 23, 2007

Need For Speed – Pro Street (Xbox 360)
Europe: November 2, 2007

US: October 31, 2007

Japan: November, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii)
Europe: November 16, 2007

US: November 12, 2007

Japan: November 1, 2007

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